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Abi over at our sister site Hippyshopper has been running a feature lately where she interviews the inhabitants of Shiny Towers on their 'green'ness. How planet-friendly they are. Yesterday, it was my turn.

I like to think that I'm quite a good boy, ecologically speaking. I re-use shopping bags, and take public transport everywhere. There's a big bad monster, however, lurking in my carbon footprint. Watch the video above to find out what it is.

If you're into sustainability, and living in harmony with our environment, then go read Hippyshopper. Abi will sort you right out - she's greener than an RGB display minus a blue screen of death and a red ring of death.

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tdvsgc.jpgYour intrepid team of Tech Digest writers have been using Chrome all day today, avoiding the home comforts of Firefox, to test out exactly how usable it is on a day-to-day basis. We've each written a comment under a number of headings. Some of us like it more than others, that's for sure, but read on for full details...


Duncan: "Fantastic. There are too many things to list individually, but one of my favourites - which made me go "ooooh!" really loudly in the office - is the way that when you use the "find on this page" functionality, it marks each location on the scroll bar in orange."
Dan: "I was a little disturbed having the tabs on the outside to begin with but they haven't fallen off all day, so that's ok by me. What I do like, though, is the way they bunch up rather than making you scroll your way from end to end missing all the ones in the middle as you go."
Gary: "The screen seems to have more "real estate" thanks to better tab layout and the floating/disappearing status bar at the bottom. This will come in handy for viewing high-resolution photographs of, for example, Eva Longoria in a bikini or, say, scans of the 2009 Hollyoaks Babes calendar."
Andy: "I quite liked the home page layout, displaying the most frequently visitied pages. Getting a mix of URLs and search results in the address bar had the potential to be confusing but actually works quite well."

For thoughts on Stability, Security, Speed and our overall impressions, click over the jump.


Yes, 9@9j really is the name of Philips' upcoming mobile phone. It'll be fun going into Carphone Warehouse asking for that... But the candybar handset does have one innovation - there's a slot for a AAA battery in the bottom.

The technology comes from Israeli firm Techtium, and it's called Backupower. The 9@9j is the first phone to have it inside. Battery firm Energizer is involved too - I grabbed Moti Puran - its Manager OEM Europe - to explain it.

"It has a standard lithium ion rechargeable battery, but it has the option to put a AAA battery in, and it'll give you three hours extra talktime," he says. "If your lithium ion battery goes dead, the backup battery kicks in, and starts to charge the lithium ion battery, so you can start using the phone straight away."

gary%20and%20sonic.JPGFollowing on with our self-indulgence here at Tech Digest, it's time for you to meet our newest recruit, Gary Cutlack. Hopefully all of you are familiar with the blogs UK Resistance and Idiot Toys (we steal his content every other week, so you should ruddy well be by now), well Gary is the man behind it all. Yep, we've hired Commander Zorg, as he's been known the last 10 years or so since he first started up his angry, opinionated anti-blog, and you've been unknowingly reading his articles the past two days.

Gary Cutlack

Shiny Job: Something about games that hasn’t really been decided yet (Ed. - in other words, he'll continue editing UK Resistance and Idiot Toys, plus contribute to Tech Digest and several of our other blogs once we, err, figure out what to do with him. Other than mopping the floors of Shiny Towers, natch).

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