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commodore-UMMD-8010F-netbook.jpgHonestly, my dad's got a Netbook coming out this Autumn. He's pitching it against my mum's, which is simply a lower-spec version of the one my sister put out last year.

The point is, everyone's releasing bloody mega-portable Eee PC-alikes these days - even companies we all thought had long since stopped existing. Like Commodore here, with its all-new UMMD 8010/F, a netbook featuring pretty much what we've come to expect from one of these new wave mini laptops. Brace yourselves, the technical specifications paragraph is coming up next...

Yes, it wasn't just one MP3 player that Samsung brought out at IFA. The second in the their "emotionally sensitive" range is the smaller Samsung YP-U4, aka. the Litmus.

It weighs in at just 27.5g, has a very reasonable battery life of 16 hours and comes in 2GB and 4GB versions. Unlike the Diamond, you won't have to wait until next month to get one. As for the price, though, that's still a mystery.


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The m-Qubic video messaging system is basically a post-it note on the fridge, but for the 21st century. You hit "record", relay a quick message, and in tens of millions of years a highly advanced civilization will discover a fossil recording of you getting really pissed off with your flatmates eating your cornflakes. They'll deduce that we were a warlike, aggressive race, and will blow up the rest of the planet in spite.

Check out ShinyShiny Zara's review in the video above. "the kind of thing you might get in your stocking and use once or twice". Harsh, Zara. Harsh.

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In the same vein as the Creative Zen Mosaic, the Nokia Prism, the and the Reading Hexagon, Samsung has decided to release another shape-based gadget in the quadratic form of the Samsung YP-Q1 MP3 player. It's all about the buttons apparently.

But enough of me. Let Zara talk you through the 2.4" TFT LCD screen, the fact that it comes in either 4GB, 8GB and 16GB versions and its offerings of DNSe 3.0, for better audio quality, and upscaling technology, which mercifully you can switch on or off just in case you're a purist. It's out next month.


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In the video above, Dan checks out a company called Onlink who have a great idea for a product - solar panels built into your laptop case. Their cases have two pockets - one for your laptop and one for two big solar panels that then attach to your laptop and help you charge while on the go.

Great idea in theory, but I'm a little concerned about the efficiency of those panels. People don't often use their laptops in direct sunlight, so I would hope that the efficiency of the panel is good enough for it to be usable on cloudy days or through windows. That would move this gadget from "just showing off green credentials" to "whoppingly useful" on the Geere scale of gadget usefulness.

Onlink don't have distributors yet, so if you're a distributor and you'd like to bring the power of the sun to the people of the UK (or anywhere else, for that matter), then you should get in touch with them.


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ifa-logo.jpgThis page will be updated over the coming days with all of our coverage from IFA 2008. IFA, along with CES, is one of the big consumer electronics trade shows in the calendar.

Dan's going down on behalf of Tech Digest, and Zara and Susi from Shiny Shiny - our sister site - will be going down, whereas I'll be staying home with my feet up and a cup of hot cocoa, getting all the coverage out onto the site. You should also keep an eye on our Twitter feed here.

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In the above video Dan is awed by a set of *massive* speakers from Swan. One is the size of a wardrobe. You can only buy them as a set, and each one its own costs in the region of £20k, but they make poor Dan look like a dwarf. Imagine the volume you'd get out of those... I'm off to have a cold shower.

Swan speaker

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rollei-x8-sports.jpgNo, actually, it's not. Because nothing could possibly be as rugged than Chuck Norris. What it does rival is the Ricoh G600. When I say "rival" though, I actually mean "spec slightly worse in every category". There isn't any price yet, though, so maybe that's where it can win out.

The Rollei X-8 Sports is lightweight (158g), resistant to moisture, dirt and cold, waterproof to 10m, and can take a 1m drop. So it's pretty hardcore. It's reasonably-specced too. 8megapixel, 3x optical zoom, and up to 1600 ISO, along with a whole host of shooting presets.

The Ricoh, on the other hand, is 10 megapixels, stands 1.5m of drop, has 5x zoom, and is 3200ISO. It was out in May, and cost £350 then, so you might well be able to get it for cheaper now. The price point is what'll differentiate the Rollei. That, and its boyish good lucks and tufts of chest-hair. It'll be out Sept/Oct.

Rollei website

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EpsonEHDM2View3_high (Small).jpg
Are you an Epson projector affectionado? Do you have an irrational compulsion to own the complete Epson set? Do you spend your weekend mornings meeting up with other "Epson-heads" to show off your machines and compare lumens? Maybe you even push your kids into following your Epson hobby too, getting them to live out your own failed Epson projector dreams? If so, you were probably pretty happy this morning when Epson unveiled four new projectors. I've got some further good news for you - but not for your "Epson widow" wife - they've announced yet another projector... the EH-DM2.

Over in Berlin, Zara's been hunting down camcorders - specifically the new Everios from JVC - the HD30 and HD40. They've got dual-format recording, so they record in both MPEG2 and AVCHD. This means you can get far more video into much less storage space. 50 hours onto the 120GB HD40. It's got 10x optical zoom, and records at 1080p.

No price point, no release date, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear anything.

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Dan's been taking a look at a laptop dock from Fortune Technology called the Sound Base G1. You sit your laptop on it, plug it in via USB, and then you get to enjoy surround sound with your music. Simple, and attractive. No word on when it's out or how much it costs.

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Lucky Zara from ShinyShiny has just managed to get her hands on the Samsung X360 which we were talking about yesterday. Turns out that it's just as attractive in person as it was in the promo photos (the X360 that is, not Zara).

Once again, it will set you back £1100-£1600, and it's unclear when it'll be released.

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Epson has announced four new high definition projector systems at this year's IFA, offering a range of features for different budgets. Get ready for some specs...



The EH-TW420 is one of Epson's more entry level 3LCD projectors, offering 720p projection, 2,000 ANSI lumens brightness, decent connectivity including HDMI and USB, various colour modes including a game mode to better process fast moving images, in-built 7W speaker, and keystone correction.

Retailing for around £649 and available from September.

sony-bdv-it1000.jpgSusi Weaser writes...

So you've got your 9.9mm LCD TV from Sony - it'd be a shame to spoil it all now with some fat speakers, wouldn't it? These new speakers from Sony are just 16mm thick, and were wonderfully codenamed 'Pocky' after that delicious Japanese biscuit/chocolate/confectionery thing.

Officially and less imaginatively titled the BDV-IT1000, the main control box houses a Blu-ray player which will also upscale normal DVDs. Should you be a fan of the extra features that comes with Blu-ray Live, you'll find the player compatible with that as well.

For oodles of IFA 2008 coverage, click right here.

Sony UK (via Electric Pig)

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gear4-transmitters.jpgSusi Weaser writes...

iPod radio transmitters come under the bracket of 'great in theory, poor in performance'. Often no matter how carefully you choose a clear frequency, the signal between the iPod and the car radio will drop out. Gear4 hope that they've rectified the problem, however, with their Follow Me technology.

Now, you an set a basic range of frequency and the radio will will follow the transmitters changes, which should ensure there's no interruptions to your warblings. There's the cigarette lighter powered CarDock, or the smaller Air Zone adaptor. Both of them will display the track information on your car radio, for added fun.

For more IFA 2008 coverage, click right here. No, actually, I've changed my mind. Click here.

Gear4 (via Electric Pig)

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creative-t3.JPGLucy Hedges writes...

Creative announced the launch of three GigaWorks speaker systems today - the GigaWorks T20 Series II, GigaWorks T40 Series II and the GigaWorks T3. Based on the huge paragraph dedicated to the T3 and the 2 lines allocated to the T20 and T40 in the press release, it's fair to say the T3 is the one Creative really wants to grab your attention with. Not to stand in the way of the intentions of a press release, it's the T3 up first. Looking like an impressive piece of kit, the T3 is a 2.1 speaker, combining innovative design with what Creative are calling 'the best audio components and state-of-the-art technologies', to deliver a sound that'll raise your listening experience to a whole new level of fantastic-ness and produce a sound any audiophile would be proud of.

Susi Weaser writes...
Cowon aren't necessarily a company you go to first for media players, but they've got some lovely looking players prepared to tempt you over. Both the L3 (right) and the S9 Curve (left) are touchscreens, and the S9 features an AMOLED screen. This means an ultra thin, ultra bright screen, but with minimal power consumption, which could explain the 40 hours music playback.

The other device, the S9, has a 3.3-inch LCD screen and an acccelerometer, for automatic adjustment to landscape for video. Both units will feature a TV tuner, and support Apple lossless and True Audio codecs.

Most importantly though, they're per-ty.

Click here for even more IFA coverage

(via ShinyShiny)

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ms-100.jpgIn stark contrast to the ugly ugly speakers we saw earlier, this all-in-one audio unit is considerably prettier. All-in-one isn't an empty promise, either. It's got an iPod dock, a CD player, FM radio, speakers, and a clock radio. Basically, sit this on your bedside table and you'll never be wanting of audio entertainment ever again.

I'm impressed by the connectivity on this little thing. It comes with a remote control, and has S-Video and composite video outputs in case you want to hook up your iPod to a TV to view photos and video. You can also hook it up to a computer via USB to allow you to sync songs to your iPod from iTunes.

The CD player plays pretty much any kind of CD you can imagine - including MP3 and WMA data cds. You can even hook it up to a more hardcore stereo system via an optical digital out on the back, or plug in your turntable or other audio source into one of the three auxiliary audio inputs on the back.

The MS100 will be available as of October 2008, but there's no word of how much it'll cost. Between the Harman/Kardon brand and the fantastic versatility of this thing, I would be very surprised if it was on the joyful side of £150.


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philips_essence_tv_with_hub.jpgThis year's "thing" at IFA 2008 is definitely thin TVs. Everyone's at it. Spec sheets now list LCD thickness in millimetres, as companies fight - like children over a dropped sweet - to see who's got the thinnest TV.

That award has already been won by Sony's BRAVIA ZX1, to be honest - but the new Philips Essence LCD isn't far behind. Peaking at a max width of 38mm, the 42" screen has been designed to sit flush against a wall.

The Philips Essence (AKA 42PES0001) also leaps on another popular TV bandwagon - farming out its image processing technology and external connectors to a separate hub. Everything you own plugs in to this base station - which boasts three HDMI sockets - and is then channelled to the Essence via a single cable. The Essence is even powered through the same single lead for MAXIMUM TIDINESS.

(Via Philips)

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42PFL9803_LED_backlighting-philips-flattv.jpgGet ready for this, specification fans - the Philips Flat TV features a 2ms response time and a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1. It does this by a very technically complex fashion to do with an LED LUX system the stops light leaking. I'll let Andy from HDTV explain. He's better at understanding stuff to do with pixels and ratios:

"The LED LUX system comprises of 128 segments of LEDs in 8 rows containing 16 segments. Nine LEDs are assigned to each individual segment, and these can be individually dimmed to precisely control the output of each pixel."

And that's how it works. It also features Ambilight Spectra 2 technology to illuminate its surroundings, plus round the back you have four (4!) HDMI sockets for putting stuff into, an Ethernet socket for vague future purposes, and, well, doesn't it look lovely? It won't look that lovely on your old TV stand, though, surrounded by cables and Freeview boxes.

(Via Philips - PDF warning)

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