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saddam-hussein-rolls-corniche-ebay.jpgEvery dictator loves a Rolls - and Saddam's fantastic Corniche was, until a few hours ago, listed for sale on eBay for £185,000.

Coming in a superb purple - no doubt to help mask the blood of the peasants - the car was apparently bought from the Iraqi government by Surrey-based car dealer Autocontinental which specialises in Rollers, and has the paperwork to prove that its previous owner had a mighty moustache and lived in a palace.

The winning bidder would then have the car shipped over from Baghdad within 28 days, plus Autocontinental is planning on fitting a new stereo - to replace the one it says was ripped out by American soldiers. Sadly, the auction has been pulled - someone either bought it in a hurry or the authorities stepped in.

(Via The Telegraph)

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Has anyone got $5,000 I can borrow? I'll pay you back, I promise, but it might take while - not because it'll be hard getting the money but because I'll be playing with my genuine Back to the Future II 2015 McFly Nike boot that's just appeared on eBay!

I'm quivering. I'm actually quivering as I write this. I'm a-quiver. Seeing that Nike had released some completely useless replica of the McFly 2015 last week, known as the Nike Hyperdunk, the prop meister general, who designed the original for the Zemeckis trilogy, dug up the old prototype and put it up for auction.

You know life is well and truly over when you wonder to yourself just how low eBay sellers are stooping these days, and actually log on in search of Cerys Matthews and Marc Bannerman merch.

I was actually expecting to find homemade silk-screened t-shirts, but alas, there are a few copies of OK magazine, with an 'exclusive' interview with the not-in-any-way-publicity-hungry I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here couple.

£1.75 with three days left, if any bored housewives are interested. Makes you pine for the days of Jesus-toast, really...

OK magazine

If you would like more news on how Marc Bannerman and Cerys Matthews are not in any way, shape, or form engaging in spooning sessions for tabloid inches, check out our Shiny Media blog, Available For Panto.

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Nick Park, the Wallace and Gromit creator, isn't just a dab hand with the animation clay, as he's just shown off his ultra-generous side by selling the van which inspired the car in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit on eBay, for charity.

He's supporting the Wallace & Gromit Children's Foundation which helps children's hospitals and hospices within Britain, and with 25 bids so far, and eight days to go, it's already raised £6,000 for the charity.

For those who've seen the Oscar-winning film, you might remember the pest control Anti-Pesto van used by Wallace and Gromit, which took inspiration from Park's 1958 green Austin A35 van supposedly. It doesn't have an MOT and has been sitting in a garage for a few years, but I'm sure it's a restorer's dream. A Wallace & Gromit-mad restorer's dream.

Wallace & Gromit van on eBay (via Web User)

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You've seen the Apple iPhone... now buy the T-shirt!

iphone-tshirt.jpgOkay, so us Brits can't get our clammy hands on an iPhone until the end of the year (if we're lucky), but we can kit ourselves out with some suitably iPhony merchandise. Bayraider's sniffed out two very-much unofficial iPhone t-shirt auctions on eBay.

One simply offers a choice of two iPhone images on a black or white background, while the other offers the more Americanised slogan of ''If I don't get my iPhone I'm gonna bust a freakin nut!!'. Quite.

(via Bayraider)

Buy a MiG 21F military jet on eBay


migjet.JPGWhy? Why not?! It's not every day that you get a chance to buy a prime Cold War-era military jet, after all. This Russian-built plane has a max speed of 1,385 mph, a max range of 721 miles, and contains one 7,500kg afterburning thrust Tumanskii R-25 turbojet. I've no idea whether that's any good, but it sounds bloody marvellous.

It's currently going for $25,700, although if you pay an extra $5,000, the seller will deliver it to you on a tractor, which is too good a mental image to be spoilt by the fact that they probably don't mean the kind of tractor a Wurzel would drive. Finally, don't worry - the jet has been fully demilitarised, and has the certificate to prove it.

MiG 21F jet on eBay

Get a life-size Sylvester Stallone on eBay

rocky-balboa.JPGRocky's back! It's only a matter of time before Rambo follows him. Yes, Sylvester Stallone looks set to be a big-screen star again in 2007 thanks to Rocky Balboa, which puts the ageing warhorse back in the ring. And Bayraider has celebrated by running up some steps with Eye Of The Tiger playing on an iPod finding a life-size mannequin of Sly himself.

Also today on Bayraider: Elvis Presley's used paper cup, and the trophy cup given to Orson Welles in Citizen Kane. You know, that film your media studies teacher raved about, even though it went on a bit.

Top 30 celebrity eBay auctions of 2006

balloonartborat.jpgAs any dedicated stalker celeb-fan knows, eBay is fertile ground for getting a piece of the stars. Not literally a piece, obviously. That's not allowed. But anyway, Bayraider has spent the year tracking the hottest celebrity tat on eBay, and today it's announced the top 30 items this year.

A balloon-art Borat, Syd Barrett's Christmas tree, Paris Hilton's knickers, Marvin Gaye's smoking jacket, Mick Hucknall's wireless hi-fi... and many many more. It's a feast. And you can read the whole thing by clicking here.

Get Ricky Martin's signed VAIO laptop on eBay

RM-Vaio-01.jpgWhatever happened to shimmy-hipped Latin lothario Ricky Martin anyway? He hasn't turned up on any seedy TV reality shows recently, so he must still have a career of sorts. Oh, hang on, he's a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. So I'd better not be sarcastic.

Anyway, he also spends his time scribbling on laptops, one of which is up for grabs on eBay, along with the chance to Live La Vida Loca by seeing Ricky in concert in Puerto Rico, and meet the man himself.

Also today on Bayraider: Paris Hilton's used Vive Maria knickers (bet more of you click on this link) and three big yellow robots. Well, one big, one medium-sized, and one little robot. But let's not split hairs about these things.

Get Jean-Luc Picard's Star Trek uniform on eBay

picard-uniform.jpgTrekkers, get ready to raid your secret savings account. Patrick Stewart's uniform from Star Trek: The Next Generation is up for grabs on eBay. It's maroon and black, with a proper Captain's insignia on the collar, and a label reading Patrick 016. Yes, we're aware this may mean there's at least 15 others floating around.

Also today on Bayraider: Tonto's tunic from The Lone Ranger, and a wax bust of action-hero Charles Bronson. Complete with proper hair.

Get R2-D2's head from Star Wars on eBay!

r2-d2-hero-dome.jpgOkay, so this auction might only appeal to Very Small Men, but it's still pretty cool. Bayraider has found the 'hero dome' worn by R2-D2 actor Kenny Baker on eBay, and it's still got the original fibre-optics and holoeyes intact.

It was used in the filming of Return Of The Jedi AND The Phantom Menace, and was due to be scrapped before being rescued by a passing Elstree Studios employee.

Also today on Bayraider: a charity auction giving you the chance to break the Fastest Furniture Land Speed world record by driving a sofa at 100mph, and a scary rubber stage costume nicked from the band GWAR.

myleene-klass-bikini.JPGHmm, Bayraider's got nothing better to do with its time than scan eBay for reality show stars' scanties, seemingly. The latest is the white bikini worn by Myleene Klass on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here, which won her a horde of (mostly male) fans due to repeated on-screen showering. Well, she looked better partially clothed than David Gest.

Also today on Bayraider: a Lenovo laptop signed by Ronaldinho (I know this is probably more relevant to Tech Digest readers, but...), a super-rare acetate copy of the Velvet Underground's debut album, and a triple-platinum award for the Black Crowes.

Make like James Bond with three Rolex-style spy watches

rolex-spy-watch.JPGWeirdly, Casino Royale isn't that big on the futuristic spy gadgets. I guess they preferred to go for the easy product placement deals with phones and cars you can buy now instead. Ah well.

If you're misty-eyed about the good old days, check out the three spy watches that Bayraider has found today. Made for a film that never made it into production, they're replica Rolexes, each with a cool spy gadget. One has a flick-out razor blade, another has a garrote, and the third has a secret lockpicking/GPS compartment.

Also today on Bayraider: A vintage RAF jacket just like the one Captain Jack wears in Torchwood, and Alice Cooper's smelly old leather trousers.

Buy Syd Barrett's Christmas tree on eBay

syd-barrett-auction.jpgPoor Syd. He was the frontman of Pink Floyd in their heyday (i.e. before Your Dad liked them), but fried his brains so spectacularly on DRUQS that he ended up booted out of the band, and eventually settled down to a reclusive retirement in Cambridge. And then he died earlier this year.

Well, a bunch of his possessions are being auctioned off on eBay, including this artificial Christmas tree (sadly without a crazy diamond dangling from the top), which was found in his upstairs back bedroom. It goes on sale in a live auction later this month.

Also today on Bayraider: four Kiss Mego dolls from 1978, with proper costumes and hair and everything. And Aragorn's coronation crown from Lord Of The Rings. Well, a replica of it.

Get a Balloon Art Borat on eBay

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balloon-art-borat.JPGIf you're a proud Kazakhstan citizen, you should probably skip this story. See, hapless documentary-maker Borat is making quite a name for himself on the big-screen at the moment. And now he's been immortalised in... balloons.

Yep, one balloon artist has sworn off sausage dogs in favour of creating a realistic-looking Borat. And now he's selling it on eBay for $20,000, according to Bayraider. That's going to be one fragile parcel when he ships it to the winning bidder though.

Also today on Bayraider: a Scary Guy gear-shift knob designed by Metallica frontman James Hetfield, and a replica box from Smallville, used to store your kryptonite necklaces in. You do have some, right?

George Bush cook-book goes on eBay

bush-cookbook.JPGIt's the Bush Family Cook-book, to be accurate, containing all manner of recipes loved by the infamous US clan (no, humble pie isn't in there...). This particular copy has been signed by George Bush Sr and his wife Barbara Bush, as well as Dubya's brother Jeb Bush, who as governor of Florida had a hand in getting his bro the Big Job in the first place.

Also today on Bayraider: a holey old jumper worn by Johnny Depp while filming Chocolat, and a much smarter pinstriped vest worn by Al Pacino while filming The Godfather. Mobsters beat loveable rambling rogues any day, see.

Get a blood-spattered tape recorder from The Saw 3

the-saw-3-taperecorder.JPGNo, this gore-decorated dictaphone hasn't been taken from a journalist who asked Madonna a too-cheeky question about her adoption. Instead, it's a prop from the final scene of gruesome horror film The Saw 3 (note to East Anglians, that's the bit you missed after fainting earlier on in the movie). The tape recorder plays a key role in the plot, as serial killer Jigsaw ops to end the film with a flourish. And now it's attracting dozens of bids on eBay, taking the price beyond $700.

Also today on Bayraider: one of Alyson Hannigan's old outfits from when she played Willow in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and an ermine fur cape that belonged to Hollywood legend Jean Harlow. They'd work well together, I think.

Give Rio a call in Duran Duran's telephone box

duran-duran-phone-box.JPGDo you remember the red telephone box in Duran Duran's 'Too Much Information' video? Actually, scrub that, do you even remember the video? Do you remember Duran Duran? Okay, so this phone box might not be the absolute cream of musical memorabilia, but it's still pretty interesting. And it was also used as a stage prop on the band's 'Wedding Album' tour, so they got plenty of use out of it. It's now on eBay for $1,500.

Also today on Bayraider: J-Lo's slinky Dolce & Gabbana dress, and your chance to adopt an African orphan just like Madonna did (except this one's made of felt and cotton, and stuffed with soft polyfil).

Buy the saw from The Saw 3 on eBay

the-saw-3.JPGThis trend for horror movies to be named after DIY tools can't be a good thing: it's only a matter of time before we see Phillips Screwdriver IV: Jason Returns (And Sorts Out That Dodgy Shelf). But in the meantime, the three The Saw films have been doing a roaring trade at the box office. Now you can own one of the saws used in the third film, as it's being flogged on eBay. It measures 4x6 inches, is "very dirty and used-looking", and is currently going for $330.

Also today on Bayraider: a full set of My Chemical Romance action figures, and John Wayne's furry Alamo hat.

Get a signed Megadeth cowhide guitar on eBay

megadeth-cow-guitar.jpgThe crossover between heavy metal and cows has been surprisingly unexplored by academia, other than noting that it must be, ahem, fresian wearing those skintight lycra outfits. That joke works better if you say it, obviously.

Perhaps this eBay auction for one of Megadeth's cowhide guitars will change things. It was played on-stage by frontman Dave Mustaine, then signed by the rest of the band and put up on eBay before you could say 'They're not as good as Metallica though...'. It's a Jackson V guitar, and is going for $4,499.

Also today on Bayraider: a pair of windows used in the Amityville horror films (well, it is almost Halloween), and the raft used by the Green team in the recent US Survivor: Cook Islands reality show.

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