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douglas-engelbart.jpgDouglas Engelbart, inventor of the early computer mouse and a web pioneer, has passed away aged 88.

Englebart's early mouse was made of a wooden shell housing two metal wheels, patenting it so early in the 1960's that the patent had ran out before he could financially benefit from its widespread adoption.

Englebart also worked on early versions of what are now modern email systems, and helped developer ARPANet, a government research project which would lead to the formation of the internet as we know it now.

Whether you're pointing your cursor around a web page, or click-click-clicking your way to some epic loot in Diablo III, raise a glass today for the man that made it all possible.

logitech-pc-gaming-line-up-2013-top.jpgLogitech have lifted the covers on a wide range of new PC peripherals aimed at the hardcore gaming crowd.

Expanding the company's G range of products, there are gaming mice, keyboards and headsets to suit all wallet sizes and pro-gaming needs.

Looking firstly at the mice, there's four new models on offer. Top of the range is the £60 wireless G700, offering a dual-mode scroll wheel and rechargeable battery pack.Next up are the G400 and G500 wired mice, costing £59.99 and £49.99 respectively, both aimed at FPS fans and the former again featuring a dual-mode scroll wheel. Lastly is the wired G100, costing £34.99 and aimed at RTS and MOBA players.Two keyboards next. The G19 gaming keyboard costs £179.99 and features an "GamePanel" screen providing key gaming stats and setting options, with the keyboard also featuring custom backlighting and anti-ghosting keys.

Next is the G510, again with GamePanel and customisable backlighting, costing £99.99. Both feature macro options.

Lastly the G230 Stereo Gaming headset, with 4mm neodymium drivers. It'll set you back £54.99.

For more on the new range, click here.

logitech-windows-8-touch-mice.jpgWith the touch-friendly Windows 8 OS launch just weeks away, hardware manufacturers are now ramping up production of tie-in peripherals. Logitech are the latest gang to do so, today revealing a pair of mice and a touchpad built specifically with Microsoft's new operating system in mind.

Lets take a look at the mice first. The premium pointer is the Logitech Touch Mouse T620 (above, left), which features touch-sensitive page scrolling and gesture controls alongside the regular clicky-slidey mouse features. A wireless mouse, it's good for six months of use per charge of its rechargeable battery pack.

Lower down the price list is the Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T400 (above, right). It's offering a similar experience to the T620, though looks more like a conventional mouse than the curvy T620. With its rubberised grips, Start screen shortcut button and 18-month battery life per charge, it may well be the more functional of the two.logitech-windows-8-touchpad.jpgPerhaps the glitziest addition to the range is the Logitech Rechargeable Touchpad T650, which looks basically like Apple's Magic Trackpad, but for Windows machines.

Like a laptop trackpad, you slide your fingers around it to move the onscreen pointer, with the pad also accepting gesture controls like pinch-to-zoom and three-finger swipe shortcuts to bring up the Start screen. You'll get one month's worth of juice out of the TouchPad T650 before it'll need a battery top up over a USB charge.

Pricing sits at £69.99 for the TouchPad T650 and £59.99 for the T620 mouse. At £39.99, the T400 seems a relative steal.

wedge_range_stand-580-75.jpgWindows 8 just got its first batch of dedicated hardware accessories from Microsoft.

The Wedge Touch Mouse, Wedge Mobile Keyboard, Sculpt Touch Mouse and Sculpt Mobile Keyboard have all been built alongside Microsoft's forthcoming operating system, and will help users get the most out of Windows 8.
MS_wedgemouse-580-90.jpgThey're all pretty stylish too, particularly the Wedge range. The Wedge Touch Mouse is "small enough to fit in your pocket" and is designed with portability in mind. With Microsoft's BlueTrack tech onboard, it offers four-way scrolling and Bluetooth connectivity. It'll land for $69.95, while we're still waiting for UK pricing.

The Wedge Mobile Keyboard is designed with Windows 8 tablets in mind, again hooking up wirelessly over Bluetooth. It comes with a durable cover that doubles up as a tablet stand and "brings full-size keyboard comfort, efficiency and speed to a tablet." It'll set you back $79.95. wedge_stand-580-90.jpgThe Sculpt range is a little cheaper, with curved rather than angular designs, landing at around the $50 mark.

"Our new mice and keyboards really light up Windows, providing fast and fluid navigation, increased productivity, and enhanced mobility packaged in sleek, stylish designs," said Brett Kelleran, general manager, Microsoft Hardware.

"Microsoft Hardware is designed by Microsoft, optimised for Windows."

razer-ouroboros.jpgRazer have just revealed a new gaming mouse that can be fully customised to fit each individual gamers hands.

Set to rival the similarly customisable Cyborg R.A.T line, the Ouroboros is designed in such a way as to be perfect for both right handed gamers and lefties.

Interchangeable panels can be popped onto the mouse to cater for claw, palm or hybrid grip styles, with a moveable palm rest that can be extended by up to 0.9 inches.

razer-ouroboros-mid.jpgThe mouse also has a tilt back angle for better wrist support over conventional mice, with pi sensitivity that goes up to 8200, with a dpi trigger letting you flip between two sensitivity settings on the fly at the push of a button.

Wired or wireless, Razer's 1ms wireless technology should ensure there's no lag when not cabled up, while a seven foot cable is included if that suits your set up better.

Landing in Q4 of this year, the Razer Ouroboros will cost $129.99.

REVIEW: Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse

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Name: Logitech G600 MMO

Type: MMO-focussed gaming mouse

Specs: Click here for full specs

Price as reviewed: £69.99

Packing in 20 buttons, the Logitech G600 MMO is a whopper of an MMO gaming mouse. But does the ability to put all your hotbar and macro options a single button click away come with any caveats? Read on to find out.

review-line.JPGAvailable in black or white, the G600 MMO squeezes in an incredible 20 buttons, making it perfect for the hot-key reliant world of high-level massively multiplayer online gaming. 12 buttons sit on the left hand side of the mouse where a right-handed thumb would sit, three sit on the mousewheel (a central click and two left/right tilt clicks), a further two sit on top just below the mousewheel and to round things off you've the two regular left/right mouse buttons and a final far-right "shift" click button.

In conjunction with the "shift" button and top profile changing button, you've got dozens upon dozens of macro-configurable buttons at your disposal. Playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, we managed to control our full suite of hotbars and companion commands without ever going near the keyboard, a feat near-impossible with other gaming mice.

The layout of the thumb-side buttons was particularly excellent. With a rubberised feel, each button is isolated, textured and inset on an inward-curving recess, making it particularly easy to quickly find the button we needed in the heat of battle. While this placement suits a right-handed gamer well, left-handers will struggle. Those thumb buttons take a bit of force to push, which works well for right-handers, but pinky-wielding lefties will quickly find them uncomfortable.
As a mouse larger in size than average, this long-fingered reviewer found it particularly comfortable to play with, allowing plenty of space to place my fingers during a lengthy session, and avoiding the dreaded mouse "pinky ache". Curved in all the right places, my fingers fell naturally into a comfortable grip with the G600, and I'd expect the same would be felt by those with smaller hands.

However, the extra size needed to accommodate all the buttons on display here comes at a price, and that price is maneuverability. The G600 MMO feels very heavy for a gaming mouse, and will feel especially so for anyone coming from a lightweight Razer Naga or customized Cyborg R.A.T model. As a result, quick precise adjustments in aiming can be difficult to pull off, meaning it's not the ideal mouse for shooters. Lifting it so that the laser doesn't make contact with the surface takes just a little more effort than you'd expect. Tailored for MMO play, it serves fans of that specific, slower-paced genre best, despite the top 8200 dpi settings.

The G600 MMO is an attractive mouse though. With a tangle-free braided cable and infinitely customizable LED lights in the thumb buttons (which can also be set to change along with the press of the shift button for a quick visual cue as to which button set you've activated) it's flashy without being garish.



The Logitech G600 MMO is a little too big to work well as a general gaming mouse, lacking the precision needed to dominate a Counter Strike deathmatch. However, what it lacks in precision it more than makes up for with its plethora of customised buttons. In MMO titles, a little loss in precision is an easy trade off for the sake of full access to your suite of spells and sub-menus, and in this respect the G600 MMO really shines. Don't head out into Azeroth without it.



RELATED: Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Albino gaming mouse

fan-mouse.jpgIt's hard work being a pro-gamer. A single frag away from victory. A single bullet in the chamber. The deft slide through two weeks of Wotsits crumbs across the mousemat before the winning headshot.The cheers over your 7.1 headset. The admiration. You're a winner. The winner.

Just like any professional sport, it can be a hot and sweaty affair, with dextrous wrists getting a little slick when twitching away for hours while the rest of your body is near motionless. Things can get slippy, and if you lose your grip at the wrong moment, things could be disastrous.

Enter the Thermaltake Black Element Cyclone Gaming Mouse. It looks to create a little breeze just where your aiming hand would get a little heated by popping a fan to the front of the mouse, attached by microUSB.

You also get all the standard gaming mouse features too, such as customisable DPI speeds up to 6500, removable weights and 9 macro buttons.

If you're cool cred can handle it, and you're interested in picking one up, check out this link.

logitech-g600-mouse-top.jpgLogitech's latest gaming mouse, the G600 MMO has been purposefully tuned to give the edge when playing massively multiplayer games such as World of Warcraft or Star Wars: The Old Republic, going as far as to recruit Hal Hanlin, producer of MMO Rift, to get advice on how to get it just right.

Housing 20 buttons, 12 or which are placed within easy reach of you thumb in two groups of six, each key is programmable, letting you attach macro commands to every button and buying you vital time during PVP sessions. A G-Shift key also adds an extra secondary function to each button, doubling the number of commands at your fingertips.

With 200-8200 dpi tracking, you'll be able to benefit from super-smooth scrolling at multiple speeds, while RGB illumination in the thumb panel is fully customisable allowing for 16 million possible colour glows from the G600.

"This Logitech mouse is one of the best out there - and not just because they incorporated our feedback into the design," said Hanlin.

"There are so many abilities to keep track of in Rift, the difference between defeating a zone event or winding up at the graveyard can come down to seconds. Having all those G-Keys at your fingertips gives you an advantage."

"The Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse is the result of intense, direct testing with experienced MMO gamers," added Mark Starrett, senior global product manager for Logitech.

"Countless hours of research went into the design of our thumb panel to make sure that it is as comfortable and easy to use as possible. And people will feel the difference in the buttons - they're sculpted to help reduce click fatigue and miss-clicks so you can play with greater precision for as long as you want."

Available in white or black, it'll set you back £69.99.

union-jack-microsoft.jpgRemember that Union Jack Xbox 360 that we showed you a sneek peek of last week? Well Microsoft have gone all official with it, calling it the "Celebration Pack" and also revealing a UK-themed wireless mouse to go along with it.

Initially, unintentionally revealed by a stray Amazon listing, the Xbox 360 pack includes a patriotic Xbox 360 (4GB Slim Edition), Kinect Sensor and Wireless Controller, available from Friday May 25th for £249.99. It also comes bundled with the Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports games and a three month subscription to Xbox Live Gold.

"Join in the Great British celebrations this summer with Microsoft!" reads the press statement.

"The great value Celebration Pack not only brings controller-free gaming to your living room, but also allows you, your family and friends to enjoy the expansive catalogue of live and on-demand television, movies, sports and music. And with the power of Kinect, you can control all of your experiences simply by using your voice or gesture."

Launching a later this week is the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 with Union Jack theme. An ambidextrous wireless mouse with a tiny Nano Transceiver, it launches on May 3rd for £29.99, and should work smoothly across any surface thanks to Microsoft's BlueTrack technology.

Logitech have today launched a new gesture-enabled mouse called the Logitech Touch Mouse M600.

Set to take on the Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse and Apple's Magic Mouse, it has a touch-sensitive top surface that lets you swipe and scroll through web pages and image galleries.

The mouse is also designed for ambidextrous use, meaning both left and right handed users can swipe away in comfort, with the left and right mouse buttons easily configured through the bundled software.

"People are growing accustomed to using fingertip gestures to navigate on their smartphones and tablets," said Todd Walker, brand manager for Logitech.

"In fact, for many people these gestures have become second nature. The Logitech Touch Mouse M600 reflects this evolution in how we interact with the digital world and extends to the computer what have become natural, intuitive motions."

Hitting Dixons group stores exclusively for a three month period, the M600 will cost £59.99

Those looking to battle it out with Modern Warfare 3 on the PC should take a look at today's latest goodies from Logitech. They're launching COD-branded Gaming Keyboard G105 and Laser Mouse G9X gear, helping gamers up their frag-count with gaming-optimised settings

First up is the G9X mouse, pictured above and priced £69.99. Boasting "game-changing precision", it'll scroll 165 inches a second, for quick-turn kills, with an adjustable DPI switch to fine-tune scroll speeds on the fly. A wired USB mouse, it also has an adjustable weight-tuning system, letting you add lighten or increase the load of the mouse for a more comfortable glide.

Custom_format_G105_CODMW3_FOB LR.jpg

Next up is the G105 keyboard. It's sporting "military-style, night-vision green LED backlighting" which should make it a winner when playing at night, as well as 6 programmable G-keys (each with three mode states), multi key input that allows for five simultaneous key presses to register and an array of media controls. It'll set you back £59.99.

"The Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105 and the Logitech Laser Mouse G9X are perfect for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 enthusiasts who want the best in precision and customization for their gaming experience," said Chris Pate, senior product marketing manager for gaming at Logitech.

"Both devices let you jump right into the action with the power to perform complex manoeuvres with confidence."

Modern Warfare 3 touches down on Xbox 360, PC and PS3 on November 8th. Hit here to have a look at our recent hands-on preview session.

REVIEW: Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Albino gaming mouse


albino-rat-top.jpgName: Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Albino

Type: Customisable gaming mouse

Specs: Click here for full specs

Price: £89.99 from Game Shark

Part PC peripheral, part customisable Autobot Transformer lookalike, Cyborg's R.A.T. 7 Albino gaming mouse is one of the most unique pointers on the market. But is it comfortable, and most importantly, will it up your frag count come the end of the online deathmatch? Read on to find out.


An updated version of last year's excellent R.A.T 7 gaming mouse, the new Albino version draws gasps of "oooo" and "aaaah" from anyone that lays eyes on it. In some respects it's barely recognisable as a mouse, with its chunky, space age matte-white finish alongside cogs and gears sticking out at all angles. It looks like a long-lost Transformer character that's been making a living by masquerading as a PC peripheral.

The Albino's unique looks are more about function than fashion however. Cyborg have made a highly customisable mouse here; nearly every part of the Albino can be tweaked to your own preferences.

We're not just talking about custom DPI settings and the 5 programmable buttons (which we'll get onto in a minute). The actual mouse hardware itself can be physically altered to better fit your grip. Slotted in the underside of the Albino is a small screw-in key that can be used to adjust the width of the mouse and angle and positioning of the left hand side buttons, as well as opening up a spring-loaded compartment that houses five 6-gram removable weights, allowing you to make the Albino as heavy or light as you find comfortable.

The adjustments continue further with a sliding palm rest that lets you tinker with the length of the Albino. This piece itself can be swapped out with one that better fits lefties, as well as an alternate palm piece with a rubberised grip finish. Likewise, the right hand side pinky area can have a rubber piece attached, or swapped out for a sloping finger rest, giving the Cyborg a wide wing shape.

Now, all this tinkering wont be for everyone. Though the Albino remains a plug-and-play device, to really get the most out of it you're going to have to spend a few hours play messing about with different physical configurations to suit your hand. It's very easy to make an RSI-inducing monstrosity if you get too addicted to clipping bits on all over the show. However, once you've found your own personal sweet spot, you'll likely never find a more comfortable gaming mouse, even if it's not the most practical of pointers for everyday OS tasks.

As mentioned previously, the customisable elements of the R.A.T 7 extend to the device's buttons too. On the left hand side are two regular "back/forward" mini buttons and another round red button called the "Precision Aim button", which we'll detail in a second. Just below the left mouse button is an unusual chrome roller, which when turned left or right can represent a key or macro in either direction. Linking keys and macros to the buttons and roller is easy thanks to the ST software that can be downloaded form the Cyborg website, also allowing you to tweak DPI settings. Making use of a mode-switching button adjacent to the left mouse clicker which scrolls through 3 sets of programmable key settings, you've in theory got access to a whopping 15 separate programmable input commands packed into the Albino alone. It's worth noting that both the mouse and the software are Mac compatible this time around too.

In terms of movement precision, the Albino makes a sizeable jump from the original R.A.T 7. The first iteration had a max DPI of 5600; the Albino jumps up to 6400DPI with its twin-eye laser sensor. This effectively lets your mouse cover a 6 metre range in just one second. In other words, you'll be able to make lightning-fast adjustments to your aim on the battlefield. These settings don't necessarily have to remain fixed either; a rocker switch immediately below the mouse wheel lets you scroll between 4 custom DPI settings which can be set using the software described above, letting you quickly jump between slower and more responsive settings on the fly. Opting for a wired USB connection over wireless to cut down on even the smallest amounts of lag time, you'll be pleased to see Cyborg have put in a braided white cable, rather than a tangle-prone plastic one.

There's also a dedicated, programmable DPI toggle button on the left hand side which Cyborg call the "Precision Aim button", mentioned earlier. We prefer to call it "The Terminator button" thanks to the robot-like efficiency it adds to your aim. The button lets you switch to a super-low DPI setting when held down, letting you fine tune your aim minutely and make every bullet fired potentially a headshot. It's so effective it's practically cheating.



It takes some tweaking, but once you've got the R.A.T 7 Albino to fit your playing style, you'll find this flexible, responsive pointer gives you a real edge over the competition. The new white finish is stunning in our books, and that fact that this improved model ships for the same price as last year's original R.A.T 7 just sweetens the deal.



wireless-touchpad.JPGLogitech are launching the Wireless Touchpad, a touch and gesture control alternative to the traditional mouse for PC users.

Much like Apple's Magic Trackpad, the Wireless Touchpad uses multi-touch input to allow you to scroll through windows, with two-finger up and down and three-finger forward and back swipe movements.

Using the wireless 2.4GHz channel, the TouchPad uses a discreet wireless USB dongle to pair with your machine.

"The Logitech Wireless Touchpad is perfect for people who want to surf the Web in a more fun and natural way," said Rory Dooley, Logitech's senior vice president.

"It lets Web surfers flick through websites and effortlessly scan long pages - making browsing easier than ever."

Hitting stores later this month, you'll be able to pick the Wireless TouchPad up for £44.99.

scnner_mouse-420-90.jpgDo we really need a mouse/scanner hybrid? We're not sure, but the world's getting one anyway thanks to LG, who are planning to show off just such a device next week at the IFA 2011 conference with their LSM-100.

Pretty much the size of your average mouse if a little on the chunky side, it features a dedicated scanning button, which when pressed allows you to scan any document that you run the mouse over, turning them into images in a number of formats.

Optical character recognition is included in a device which LG are stressing is more than just a gimmick.

"The LSM-100 is also a top-end mouse," the Korean tech giant states in its press release.

"The laser sensor is accurate and durable, and the stylish design lends itself to easy, smooth motions as well as providing an ergonomic, comfortable grip."

I guess it makes sense maybe for business travellers? Or those with really tight work spaces? Pricing will almost certainly decide whether or not this is a worthwhile addition to the army of mad PC peripherals already out there.

Wires; who needs 'em?

Certainly not PC or Mac users. Where once wireless mice and keyboards were an expensive indulgence, plagued with signalling issues and lag, these days it's possible to pick up top-notch wireless input devices at little-to-no extra cost from their wired counterparts.

However, it's a wide and varied market, with plenty of great gadgets vying for your attention.

Rather than claiming to pinpoint a handful of "the best" mice and keyboards, we instead thought we'd pick ten items based on different users and usage scenarios.

Click below for our round up of wireless mice and keyboards for all occasions.

logitech_G300.jpgGetting a great PC gaming rig together can be a bit pricey; if you're not shelling out for a Direct X 11 graphics card, you're updating RAM or buying a monitor with ultra-fast response times. As a result, your pistol-wielding mouse can sometimes be skipped a much-needed upgrade.

That doesn't always have to be the case though! Logitech have today announced the launch of the G300 gaming mouse, designed to give greater gaming precision, but at an affordable price.

Sculpted to fit the hand comfortably, it features nine programmable controls, and configurable memory profiles which can be assigned colours to the onboard lighting system, ensuring you can always identify which configuration you're currently using.

A 2500 dpi sensor should allow for smooth, accurate control, while automatic game detection boots up the correct configuration for each game automatically.

"The Logitech® Gaming Mouse G300 is perfect for PC gamers who want intelligent features that give them real benefits in-game" said Chris Pate, senior manager of product marketing for gaming at Logitech.

"Whether you need more programmable buttons for your MMO, better precision for targeting enemies in an FPS, or a compact, comfortable shape to get you through hours of gameplay, we've got it covered."

As we hinted at earlier, best of all is the price. Set to go on sale in September, the G300 mouse will retail at £29.99, leaving you with plenty of change to indulge in the bumper schedule of AAA PC releases this Autumn.

Razer take on the Grid with Tron gaming mouse

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razer-tron-mouse.jpgIf ever there was a movie that was crying out for a load of tie-in PC/gaming accessories, that movie would be Tron Legacy. The whole thing is about being sucked into a video game, and which manufacturer wouldn't want to be associated with an experience as immersive as that??

Not Razer anyway, as they've just launched the official Tron gaming mouse. Not merely a fancy shell around a mediocre pointer, with a 5600dpi 3.5g laser sensor the Tron gaming mouse could up your game considerably over standard kit. You also get seven "Hyperesponse" buttons and an ambidextrous design, which should please those lefties out there.

Priced at 100 bucks, there is also a keyboard and mousemat in the works too.

Light cycles and neon jumpsuits sold seperately...

3000v2.jpgMicrosoft have today revealed the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3000v2, a nifty budget offering that will give you a penny change back from £20.

Sure, it's not quite as exciting as Apple's Magic TrackPad, but it has a lot going for it for a budget mouse. So much so that Microsoft are touting it as the "perfect accessory to any notebook, laptop or PC".

A standard three button scroll wheel set up, the 3000v2 has up to 10 months battery life and can be used at a range of 30 feet. 1,000 dpi, the mouse connects over a 2.4GHz connection.

It's out now, priced £19.99. Pity Microsoft's timing wasn't as good as their pricing.

These days you can hook a keyboard and mouse up to anything from a games console to even a few hacked smartphones. Still, it's a chore fumbling around behind your desktop PC for a tangle of mouse and keyboard wires, so wireless gear is essential for a mobile set-up.

But boy, do they drain batteries. Logitech seem to have answered that bugbear with their MK710 Desktop keyboard and mouse bundle. They claim their gear can run for THREE YEARS without changing the batteries.

Connecting to a Unifying Receiver dongle, the mouse and keyboard aren't without their fair share of features either. There's a status-displaying LCD on the keyboard, which also sports comfortable Incurve keys and a squishy palm rest. The mouse itself has a frictionless scroll wheel, numerous side buttons and side-to-side navigation.

The Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710 is available now, priced $99.99.

Via: Logitech Blog

razer motion.jpgIf you're a PC gamer feeling a bit left out by all this buzz surrounding motion control, relax; Razer and Sixense have you covered.

The two peripheral manufactures have teamed up to bring motion sensing controllers to your Counter Strike death-match.

Like a Frankenstein mix of Project Natal and Wiimotes, the device uses gestures like swipes and tilts to get your gaming done.

PC gamers are very particular about their peripherals, with the hardcore shelling out wads of cash for low-latency, high accuracy mice. Razer are well respected in the field, but will have to pull off something special for this to appeal to any but the most niche of audiences.

Head over to Engadget for a look at the device at work.

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