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toshiba-store-e-canvio-500gb.jpgreview-line.JPGName: Toshiba Store.E Canvio 500GB (HDTC705ER3AA)

Type: External hard drive

Review Model Specifications: Click here for full specs

Price: From £55.99

review-line.JPGA tidy, small and speedy USB 3.0 drive, Toshiba's latest Store.E Canvio gets the job done nicely. Read our review for the full lowdown.

review-line.JPGIf you're storing important files on an external hard drive, one designed to be portable enough to be pocketable, you're going to want it to be as sturdy as it is good-looking. Toshiba's Store.E Canvio manages to be both. Though not a rugged drive specifically, it's red gloss plastic shell has a thick black band of tougher plastic around its edge, which should go someway towards protecting it should it fall foul of a drop or two.

Finished by four rubber feet on its bottom side, it measures roughly 15mm 80mm x 115cm, with a USB 3.0 port on its top edge, and a blue indicator light showing connectivity and file transfer status on the top flat edge. Bus-powered, you wont require a separate power pack for the Store.E Canvio, drawing its power from the foot-long USB 3.0 cable supplied with the drive. We're not wholly convinced by the quality of the port on the drive itself however - the cable needed to be wiggled into place rather than clicking in satisfyingly. Though we experienced no connectivity problems with the cable, there's a chance the port may wear loose over extended use.

The hard drive achieves solid write and read speeds, averaging a sequential read speed of 105.8MB/s and write speed of 105.6MB/s through the CrystalDiskMark 1000MB benchmark test.tosh-drive-speed-test-pc.jpgThat number dropped slightly when trying the Mac-based BlackMagic Disk Speed Test app, writing at an average of 97.7 MB/s and reading at an average of 85.5 MB/s during a 5GB test. Across both the Mac and PC tests however, the Store.E Canvio proved to be one of the speedier portable external drives out there, and at just over £55 for 500GB, is reasonably priced too.tosh-drive-speed-test-mac.jpgA lifetime license to 10GB of PogoPlug cloud storage is also included, adding a little further value for those that have not yet found a cloud-based storage service to suit their needs.


Fast, sturdy, good looking and relatively inexpensive, the Store.E Canvio is a solid purchase for those on the hunt for some extra storage



toshiba-canvio-connect.jpgToshiba are popping both local and cloud storage into a pocketable drive, today revealing the Canvio Connect storage unit.

Equipped with USB 3.0 connectivity and between 500GB and 2TB or storage capacity depending on how flushed with cash you are, it uses PogoPlug cloud-storage software to back up your files should the hard-drive come a cropper.

Up to 10GB of cloud storage is on offer with the drives, allowing for users to access stored files from an Android or iOS device too.

"With people travelling more than ever and using smart devices and laptops to capture digital memories, valuable data needs to be backed up to ensure loss or corruption doesn't affect precious digital content. Toshiba is leading innovation in the consumer electronics market, using its unique insight into the needs of consumers to create storage devices that fit into our daily lives," said Arnaud Bonvarlet, Director EMEA, Storage Peripheral Division, Toshiba Europe GmbH.

Available from May 2, prices start at €159 (£135).

lacie-bladerunner.jpgExternal hard drive design is, for the most part, as boring as tech comes. Nondescript black oblongs tucked aside your monitor or laptop, they're nothing much to write home about.

Designer Philippe Starck doesn't do nondescript though, and his new Blade Runner 4TB USB 3.0 hard drive for Lacie is a stylishly sculpted bit of kit that looks as though it could be lifted straight out of the movie that acts as its namesake.

As well as its cool chrome contours, the Blade Runner has the Starck logo as a backlit drive activity indicator and power button, as well as offering 10GB of Wuala Secure Cloud Storage.
"In the Blade Runner, the warm interior electronics are encased in a mystifying shell, and the blades are the radiator that cools it down. The suspension gives space for air to circulate around the hard drive, and the metal material increases the temperature conduction," says Starck of the peripheral.

As a limited edition piece however only 9,999 of the Blade Runner hard drives are to be produced. It's more affordable than you'd expect at $299, so act fast to grab one if you're interested.

Click here for more news from CES 2013

wd-mypassport-2tb.jpgHot on the heels of their newly-released Thunderbolt drives, Western Digital are launching an updated My Passport portable external hard drive line, pushing the storage capacity up to a generous 2TB.

As well as speedy USB 3.0 transfer speeds and support for standard USB 2.0 connections, the new pocketable My Passport drives also offer continuous, automatic backup software and password protection with hardware encryption.

"Our goal in launching the next-generation of the popular My Passport drives is to encourage more consumers to protect their data before something happens," said Jim Welsh, executive vice president and general manager of WD's branded products and consumer electronics groups.

"The new My Passport makes backing up and preserving one's digital life easier, reliable and more secure than ever - it's the perfect blend of monstrous capacity, reliability and user-friendly technology in a sleek form factor, now in five colours."

Five colours! How will indecisive hard-drive hunters like myself ever make it out of the shop with a purchase, huh Jim??

Jokes aside, it's a neat update to the line, which will be life saver for those looking to carry their HD movie or hi-res image libraries around with them.

You're looking at a penny shy of £180 for the new drives. More info can be found here.

western-digital-thunderbolt-duo.jpgWestern Digital's My Book Thunderbolt Duo Dual-Drive is now up for sale after first being revealed at January's MacWorld 2012 show.

Making use of the new superfast Thunderbolt data transfer standard, the My Book Thunderbolt Duo Dual-Drive can be equipped with dual RAID 0, 1 and JBOD options for between 4 TB/6 TB of storage capacity.

Offering two channels of up to 10Gb/s transfer rate in both directions (equating to roughly 700MB/sec read and 500MB/sec write speeds), the unit also supports daisy-chaining over Thunderbolt for hooking up further storage devices or other Thunderbolt-enabled hardware like monitors.

"The My Book Thunderbolt Duo offers large storage capacities for creative professionals and enthusiasts who produce, edit, or need quick access to large files, including HD video," said Jody Bradshaw, general manager of WD consumer storage solutions.

"Its dual Thunderbolt ports provide amazing creative flexibility while allowing daisy-chaining of up to six My Book Thunderbolt Duo drives or other high performance peripherals for fast and efficient workflow. The combination of storage, backup, security, flexibility and speed makes the My Book Thunderbolt Duo the ideal choice for creative professionals that need to write, store, protect and edit high-definition and graphic intensive projects."

Grab one here for £579.90.

my-book-essential.jpgName: Western Digital My Book Essential 3TB

Type: 3TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive (PC/Mac)

Specifications: Click here for full specs

Price: £168.75 from Amazon seller

If you're looking to do some super-quick, super-painless PC spring cleaning, you'll want to grab an external hard drive with USB 3.0 transfer speeds. Western Digital's My Book Essential range offers as much as a massive 3TB of external storage, and transfer speeds three times as fast as USB 2.0 thanks to their USB 3.0 connectivity options. We took a 3TB model for a spin. Read on for our thoughts!


As far as external hard drives go, the My Book Essential looks pretty snazzy, with its gloss black plastic casing and curved front. Three edges house discrete venting, with the front curved edge a white LED light that stays on constantly when the drive is in use, and blinks when in standby, which it tends to do quite a lot as the onboard software powers down the drive after a few minutes of inactivity. In a neat touch, the drive powers completely down automatically when your PC shuts down, and fires back up when the computer is switched on. When it comes to power management then, the drive is particularly savvy.

Though it shouldn't be treated as a portable drive, the My Book Essential is surprisingly small given its 3TB storage space inside. It measures just 165mm x 135mm x 48mm, and weighs only 1.18kg. It's also quiet as a mouse, barely audible when reading from or writing to its disk. Though rubber feet on the underside edge suggest the drive should be used in an upright position, we've had it running laid horizontally flat with no problems.

Though the drive is listed as a 3 terrabyte, as with all drives the actual usable space onboard is significantly smaller. You've in fact got 2794GB of space to play about with. This is by no means a fault of the drive (all hard drives have this quirk), but is worth mentioning if you're after specifically 3TB of external storage.

Things were going well until we started to install the latest drivers for the My Book Essential. While the onboard drivers worked fine, upgrading to firmware version caused our system to go haywire, with the My Book Essential randomly connecting and disconnecting, our failing to appear at all when connected to our PC. It took a system restore to the initial driver settings before things calmed down again.

Using the USB 3.0 connection (the drive is also USB 2.0 compatible), we were very impressed with the My Book Essential's transfer speeds. See the chart below for our findings using CystalDiskMark:
As you can see, 5 passes at 1000MB saw average read speeds of 125.2MB/s and average write speeds of 92.61Mb/s, revealing solid transfer rates. In real world usage, we found it took just 49.4 seconds to transfer a 2.94GB ISO image file, with an average transfer rate of around 59.5 Mb/s. Not quite as good as the CystalDiskMark findings, but still impressive. Likewise, smaller file sizes transferred speedily at around the 70Mb/s mark, but wrote more slowly at closer to 30.5 Mb/s. It's still up with the best transfer speeds with experienced from USB 3.0, nonetheless, with each result averaging almost 3x as fast as when performed with a USB 2.0 connection.

The My Book Essential also ships with an impressive back-up software suite called SmartWare, pre-loaded onto the drive. Once a simple configuration process has been carried out, it works quietly in the background backing up your whole computer (or just files and folders of your choosing), keeping an eye out for changes and backing up accordingly. It's incredibly easy to use, and automates all of the tedious work that protecting your files can present.

Likewise, the security offerings onboard are equally impressive, with the ability to apply encrypted passwords and support for Kensington physical security locks.


A one-stop solution for your back-up needs, the My Book Essential offers speed, space, security and reliability. Were it not for the driver debacle we'd give this external drive a perfect score, but regardless it still comes very highly recommended. review-line.JPG



seagate-hdd.jpgSeagate has taken another step on their climb towards the top of the HDD pile by finalising its purchase of Samsung's hard disk drive arm.

The move sees Seagate gain control of select assets, infrastructure and employees, while both companies "have also extended and enhanced their existing patent cross-license agreement and have expanded cooperation to co-develop enterprise storage solutions," according to the press release.

"Together, Seagate and Samsung have aligned our current and future product development efforts and roadmaps in order to accelerate time-to-market efficiency for new products and position us to better address the increasing demands for storage," said Steve Luczo, Seagate chairman, president and CEO.

"It is an exciting time in the industry with rapidly evolving opportunities in many markets including mobile computing, cloud computing, and solid state storage."

First announced in April, the now-completed deal will also see Seagate Drives used in Samsung laptops, while Seagate also gain the semi-conductors Samsung use in their solid state drives.

Storage gurus Buffalo are preparing to launch their toughest drives yet, after today announcing the release of the Buffalo MiniStation Extreme range.

Certified to US Military Standard MIL-STD-810F 516.5 Procedure IV, the MiniStation Extreme can take a tumble from a height of 2.3 metres without causing any damage to your precious data stored within. Rubberised parts and a shock resistant build all help make it the storage equivalent of Charles Bronson.

It's a speedy bit of kit too, managing transfer speeds of 5Gbps thanks to an integrated USB 3.0 cable and Buffalo TurboPC EX technology.

"This latest addition to the MiniStation family is ideal for globetrotters who travel with their PCs and portable HDDs and demand a robust, fast and secure high performance portable storage device," said Paul Hudson, Buffalo's sales director for Northern Europe.

"The MiniStation Extreme can withstand free-fall drops of up to 2.3m making it the most robust MiniStation ever."

Available in black, silver and red, the 500GB MiniStation Extreme costs £74, while a 1TB version sets you back £134.

seagate-cinema.jpgSeagate's latest hard drive release has its sights set firmly on a place on top of your TV stand. A multimedia drive, the Seagate GoFlex Cinema comes in sizes up to 3TB (as well as being expandable through use with other removeable GoFlex drives) for playback of video, photo and music files, hooking straight up to a flatscreen TV or projector via HDMI or composite video out.

Capable of full HD 1080p playback, the GoFlex Cinema has supports plenty of file types, including: Xvid HD; AVI; MPEG-2 (VOB/ISO); MPEG-1; MPEG-4 (Xvid); AVC HD; H.264; TS/TP/M2T; MOV; M2TS; MKV; FLV; VC-1; and WMV9 video, as well as ASF; MP3; WAV; AAC; FLAC; WMA; LPCM; WMA Pro; Dolby® Digital; and DTS audio formats.

20MP pictures can also be blown up on your big screen via the drive, with full subtitle support on video files. A S/PDIF digital optical audio output port is available to those looking to hook up a speaker system, while USB 2.0 support lets you drag and drop media files onto the drive.

Out now across Europe, it's priced up at €99 for 1TB version, €129 for 2TB and €179 for the 3TB whopper.

Buffalo Technology have just revealed a new range of hard drives called the DriveStation Velocity.

As the name suggests, it's all about speed with the Velocity models, boasting 7,200 RPM speeds and a TurboPC Ex utility for Windows PCs which boosts data transfer rates to 5Gbps over USB 3.0 connections.

In effect, you'll be able to transfer a whopping 1,000 photos in roughly 7 seconds.

Though USB 3.0 is needed to get top speeds, the drive is USB 2.0 backwards compatible too for those yet to make the jump.

Those looking to store particularly sensitive files will also be pleased to know that the drive uses 256-bit AES Full Disk Encryption to keep files secure and out of sight of prying eyes.

Available in Piano Black, the DriveStation Velocity range is out now, reasonably priced at £89.99 for 1TB, £112 for 2TB and £164 for 3TB.

Buffalo are looking to boost your PC storage space without taking up too much room on your desktop with the new MiniStation Plus external hard-drive range.

Shock-proof and USB 3 compatible for high-speed file transfers, the sleek drives come in pre-formatted 1TB and 500GB size options, both offering hardware encryption and password protection.

"Product innovation has always been at the heart of Buffalo's core values," said Paul Hudson, Sales Director Northern Europe at Buffalo Technology. "Continuing in this tradition, Buffalo's new MiniStation Plus combines all the best points of the MiniStation range into one great product."

The 1TB MiniStation Plus will set you back £109.99, while the 500GB drive costs £63.99. Grab them now from Amazon, eBuyer and Dabs.

seagate-satellite.JPGIt's no easy task, but Seagate have been trying damn hard recently to make storage a little bit more sexy than we're used to seeing. We recently reviewed the super-svelte GoFlex Slim portable hard drive,and today Seagate return with the GoFlex Satellite, a wireless drive designed specifically with mobile devices in mind.

A 500GB drive, the idea here is to be able to carry your entire media library on the go with you. Through a built in Wi-Fi connection, the Satellite allows any device with Wi-Fi connectivity and a web browser to access files stored on it, streaming the data from the drive to the tablet or other media player wherever you go.

Housing a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, you'll get 5 hours of continuous streaming playback from the Satellite, or 25 in standby mode making it the perfect travel companion. You'll also be able to squeeze a little more life out of the battery by using the drive to download files too, streaming video to the point where the transfer is completed and then entering standby mode and seamlessly switching to the locally stored copy.

"The average person has between 80 and 100GB of files on their computer", said Seagate's Greg Falgiano.

"Tablets have between 16GB and 64GB on average, meaning users are having to pick and choose the content they're going to load onto the devices. As a result, large video files are usually the last thing people load onto mobile devices. So we're really targeting those people who want to watch video on the great mobile displays they've now got but need that extra bit of storage space, paired with the flexibility a Wi-Fi connection offers."

Three Wi-Fi devices can stream content from the drive at once, with iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones given further functionality through the GoFlex Media app, which also adds much-needed file browser support for the tablet. Android apps are also planned for the future, as well as DLNA compatibility.

As a mobile drive (120mm H x 88mm W x 32mm D), Segate have worked hard at making the Satellite fairly rugged. A 2.5' drive running at 5400 RPM, the device also features an accelerometer and a special bearing that react in tandem to bumps and drops, should your fingers be of the buttered variety. Segate haven't gone too crazy with digital security methods, only employing WPA standards, but as this device is designed primarily with media files in mind, they're banking on you not using the Satellite for moving around particularly sensitive files.

Launching in the States today, the GoFlex Satellite ships with an RRP of $199. Due worldwide by August, it's expected to hit UK stores for a price of around £169.

For more info, click here.

Name: GoFlex Slim (Seagate)

Type: 320GB ultra-portable external hard drive

Specs: Click here for full specs

Price: £73.20 from Span

Image Gallery: Click here


Who said computer storage devices couldn't be sexy? Seagate's latest portable external storage drive, the GoFlex Slim is so svelte and small it may well replace your USB flash stick as your pocketable drive of choice. But does its performance match its good looks?

There's no denying that Seagate have managed something quite remarkable with the GoFlex Slim drive. At 9mm thick, it's roughly the same thickness as your average Bic pen, and thinner even than the slinky iPhone 4 smartphone. What's even crazier is that it manages to be .5mm thinner than your average 9.5mm standard SATA internal drive. It's still fairly wide and long at 4.1 inches by 3.2 inches, but there is only so small you can make a 2.5 inch drive chassis, and Seagate are definitely pushing the envelope here.

The drive's small size of course leads to at least one concession, and that here lies with overall storage capacity. 320GB is hardly anything to write home about in the external drive stakes these days, and the overall cost-to-capacity ratio is quite expensive, with the average price for the drive around the £80 mark. If large capacity is a necessity for you, look elsewhere, but again for a drive this size 320GB remains impressive.

The drive supports both USB 2.0 and the much faster USB 3.0 connections, and comes packaged with a USB 3.0 backwards-compatible cable. The actual drive itself is comprised of two parts which snap together; the main drive unit with a standard SATA female connector at one end, and an adapter part with a male SATA connector and a Mini-USB 3.0 port for attaching the supplied cable. This flexible design allows for pretty much any connection to be supported providing you snap in a sold-separately GoFlex adaptor. With USB 3.0 currently the fastest peripheral connection available (at least until Thunderbolt drives become the norm) the need for other adapters are unlikely to be much of an issue however. Of course, the SATA connections also mean you'll be able to hook the drive up with a SATA internal drive, no matter what the manufacturer, which is a great addition by Seagate.


Flexibility is extended by the drive's built in software. Though available in two pre-formatted styles (a black chassis with NTFS file system for Windows and white chassis with HSF+ formatting for Macs) pre-installed software drivers give full read/write access across both platforms anyway. It's a thankful addition, and much better than having to use the FAT32 universal standard which frustratingly caps file sizes at 4GB.

All this good work would be for naught however were the GoFlex Slim a sluggish performer when it comes to transfer rates. The drive, with its 7200 RPM speed, has so far proved a consistent joy to use. Testing USB 2.0 transfer speeds, we saw an average of 27.6MBps and 37.5MBps for writing and reading speeds respectively. As you'd expect, USB 3.0 speeds were significantly better at 82.3MBps for writing and 102MBps for reading. They're not category topping speeds, but are very nippy nonetheless, and again particularly impressive given the drive's size. Even during prolonged use the drive stayed quite cool too, despite the lack of any visible ventilation slots.

Capping off an impressive package is the Seagate Dashboard software suite. It bloats the drive by some 195MB with mostly unnecessary software, but don't turn down the optional installation of the Memeo Backup Premium application. It's a simple-but-excellent tool for backing up important files or entire drives, with clever visual representations of the volume of specific file types, as well as customisable backup schedules that should ensure your data is never lost.



You could argue that the GoFlex Slim's relatively small capacity makes it poor value for money, and in that stake alone you'd be right; there are plenty of drives that offer more space for your buck than the 320GB on offer here. However, few drives can balance portability and performance as deftly as this catwalk-ready little number, and the inclusion of very good back-up software more than makes up for any storage shortcomings. Slip this into your jacket pocket and you'll unlikely go back to your USB flash drive ever again.



(Guest post from Shiny Shiny)


The brand new Radeon HD 6990 graphics processor is the fastest graphics technology in the world - no small claim by semiconductor design company AMD, but it seems to be merited.

'This is for the really high-end gaming market,' Leslie Sobon, vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing at AMD, told Shiny Shiny. 'It's faster, more realistic, and delivers a much better visual experience.'

But it's not only gamers who will benefit from this cutting edge technology - anyone working with high-end visuals will benefit, says Sobon. 'Those working with video editing or creating can take advantage of this as well. It's the top of the line, so it's ideal for anyone who considers themselves an enthusiast.'

On to the specs: The card records score of P11865 in the industry standard 3DMark11 benchmark. There is native support for up to five displays, with potential to upgrade to six with additional components. There is also a dual-BIOS toggle switch, allowing enthusiast gamers to unlock the card and rev up the clocks and voltages for even more performance. The card also allows for stereoscopic 3D gaming and film viewing as it has HDMI 1.4a support.

Into affordable laptops
While gamers will be salivating over the news, others may be more enthused to hear AMD is taking this cutting-edge graphics technology beyond the gaming world. Fusion APU is the company's new combined technology, where the graphics capabilities are joined with the regular computer brain onto a single chip. This means faster processing, and AMD expects to see this top-of-the-line technology become available for even basic laptops, explains Leslie Sobon.

'The improvements are still very much about the visuals and the graphics, but with the new chip you get this without sacrificing the battery life.'

Equally interesting is the fact that these jacked-up laptops will come in at modest price points too: 'They will be highly affordable as well,' says Sobon, suggesting prices under the £500 mark.

Fusion has now been officially launched with products including the Sony VAIO Y Series, Acer Aspire One AO522 and Toshiba NB520, and AMD expects budget Fusion APU-powered laptops to become available also from Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, MSI and Samsung.

Specs for the Fusion APU: Multi-core CPU (x86) technology, a high-definition video acceleration block and a high-speed "bus" that speeds data across the differing types of processor cores. Furthermore there's stutter-free HD video playback, DirectX 11-capable graphics and "all-day" battery life.

Sobon says upgrades to the Fusion APU range will continue to be announced on a bi-annual schedule: 'We're moving forward in leaps and bounds.'

SanDisk launch stamp-sized 64GB SSD drive

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SanDisk issd.jpgSanDisk have today lifted the lid on a new range of solid state drives that are no bigger than a postage stamp, but still boast as much as 64GB of storage space.

Measuring 16mm x 20mm x 1.85mm and weighing less than one gram the Integrated SSDs (iSSD) will pave the way for smaller, lighter mobile computing devices according to SanDisk.

"The new category of embedded SSDs should enable OEMs to produce tablets and notebooks with an unprecedented combination of thin, lightweight form factors and fast performance," said Doron Myersdorf, senior director, SSD marketing, SanDisk. "With our embedded flash storage leadership, SanDisk believes it is uniquely positioned to deliver the ultra compact SSD solutions needed by OEMs."    

Jeff Janukowicz, research manager, solid state drives, IDC, shared Myersdorf's enthusiasm, saying: "The ultra-thin tablet and mobile computer markets are expected to experience tremendous growth over the coming years, and new advanced platforms will introduce new requirements for storage solutions. New embedded SSDs such as the SanDisk iSSD drive, which meet the stringent size requirements of small and light devices while offering greater performance, are designed to enable OEMs to deliver an enhanced user experience in their next-generation designs."   

The SanDisk iSSD is capable of 160MB/sec sequential read and 100MB/sec sequential write speeds and supports the SATA interface in a BGA (Ball Grid Array) that can be soldered onto any motherboard.

Expect to see these popping up in mobile phones and tablet PCs sometime soon.

seagate 3tb.jpg
Seagate have launched the 3TB FreeAgent GoFlex Desk external hard-drive. Offering a whopping amount of storage space, Seagate are claiming it's the world's first external drive of its size.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 and Mac OS X 10.4.9 or higher, the USB 2.0 drive also can be used with an additional adaptor to give it USB 3.0 and Firewire capabilities for high speed transfer rates.

"As the definition quality of digital cameras increases, playback devices such as digital photo frames and MP3 players proliferate and the use of the Internet for downloading music and video continues to grow, more files accumulate in the home," said Kurt Scherf, vice president and principle analyst of Parks Associates. "Consumers who are active in digital media creation and consumption will witness their digital media storage needs grow nine-fold by 2014, driving the demand for higher capacity, easy-to-use storage solutions."

The drive is out now, priced £329.

If external drives aren't your thing, Seagate are also working on an internal 3TB hard drive, though there are no official release details for that yet.

lacie rugged safe.jpg

LaCie, veterans in the portable storage field, have today unveiled their Rugged Safe external hard drive range. Not content with shock-proofing your precious digital files with military grade exterior rubber shielding, it also offers 128-bit AES hardware encryption. That, in layman's terms, means it's safe from cyber-crooks to the same standards as used by the government.

And as if that wasn't enough, it's also got a fingerprint scanner to lock your sensitive documents away from prying eyes, with support for ten separate user's fingerprint profiles.

"The LaCie Rugged Safe was developed to enable professional or private users to protect their valuable data and intellectual property from theft and unauthorised access," said Erwan Girard, LaCie Business Unit manager. "We've synthesised a range of technologies to ensure this device is the safest and most mobile storage solution - a real vault for your data."

Compatible with either Macs or PCs, it's powered by either a Firewire or USB connection. The LaCie Rugged Safe comes in two sizes, 500GB or 1TB, with prices starting at £169.

Pick one up by clicking here.

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this is it hard drrive.jpgThe King of Pop Michael Jackson may have left this earthly realm, but that's not to say we can't have a string of baffling Jackson branded products to remember him by does it?

Take for instance this Samsung Michael Jackson branded 500GB external hard drive. I don't quite remember Jackson being a familiar face down in Silicon Valley, but I suppose even from beyond the grave you've got bills to pay. They really would slap his face on just about anything though, wouldn't they? Or in this case, his silhouette.

The hard drive, available from February 22nd, comes pre-loaded with the "This Is It" tour documentary, chronicling the last rehearsals before Jackson's untimely death.

Excuse the pun, but I can't help thinking this is a "Bad" idea.

That said, I bet this lot below have pre-ordered about 12 of the things.

buffalo terastation.jpgStorage giants Buffalo have today unveiled the latest version of their TeraStation III iSCSI product range.

The Buffalo TeraStation III iSCSI Desktop and 1U Rackmount units offer data transfer speeds of up to 92MB/s, allowing critical business data to be managed, stored and backed up quickly, efficiently and securely. The desktop unit is available in capacities of 2TB and 4TB, whilst the 1U Rackmount unit is available in 2TB, 4TB, 6THB and 8TB.

Paul Hudson, Northern European Sales Director, Buffalo Technology, said: "The potential for iSCSI within small and medium sized business environments is enormous. The TeraStation III iSCSI will allow organisations to back up all their data and make it appear as just another drive on the server. The beauty of iSCSI is that you can aggregate a lot of different devices into one logical volume and for IT managers this makes life infinitely easier and cheaper than backing up to the primary storage tier.

The Buffalo TeraStation III iSCSI for Desktop or 1U Rackmount features include:

* Fully populated, 4 bay, 4 drive device
* Up to 92MByte/s iSCSI high speed data transfer
* Supports RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 10 and Standard
* Advanced RAID system to continually check hard drive performance
* Resilient - Replace faulty hard drives with the Hot Swap functionality without interruption of work
* Hot Spare feature automatically switches failed drive to spare drive to ensure redundancy
* Dual Ethernet connectivity for port trunking
* 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet port and Jumbo Frame capability for higher transfer speeds
* LCD Status Display, easy setup wizard management through intuitive web interface
* Supports UPS connectivity via USB port
* Supported OS: Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows®7(64/32bit), Windows® Vista™, Windows® XP, Windows® 2000 (32bit), Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004/2005
* Available as Desktop or 1U 19" Rackmount
* Warranty 3 Years
* Available as 2TB, 4TB, (Desktop), 2TB, 4TB 6TB and 8TB capacities (Rackmount)

For availability and pricing information, visit

Computers get smaller, file sizes get bigger. Fact. But where to store all of our fancy new HD media and lossless sound files? Acer's Aspire easyStore H340 is one way to keep all your files safely stored away.

The Aspire easyStore H340 is home media server perfect for organising all your video, photo and music files. Totally DLNA compliant, the server can stream files to games consoles and PCs all around the house.

Best of all, the server has four hot-swappable hard disks, allowing for a massive 6TB of storage. That's more than enough space for the Atom powered kit to automatically backup your entire computer, automatically duplicating data to a number of devices.

Your data can also be accessed remotely thanks to a secure personal web address on the Windows Home Server website.

The Aspire easyStore H340 is available now, with prices starting from £329.99 going up to £429.99.

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