Huawei dumps Windows Phone

Bad news for Microsoft as it has emerged that Chinese handset makers Huawei has dumped Windows Phone – and won’t be releasing any more phones running Microsoft’s operating system. The reason? Money, of course – with Huawei’s Richard Yu telling the Wall Street Journal that: “We have tried using the Windows Phone OS. But it has been difficult to persuade …

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James O'MalleyHuawei dumps Windows Phone

Spotify now free on Windows Phone

Music streaming service Spotify is now free on the Windows Phone app, after unveiling an ad-supported and shuffle-mode which came to iOS and Android earlier this year. Previously, Windows Phone users were only able to stream via the Spotify app with a premium subscription, which includes ad-free mobile and offline listening. Now, Windows Phone streams free through the shuffle play …

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Stuart O'ConnorSpotify now free on Windows Phone

HTC making a Windows version of the HTC One M8?

HTC could be working on a version of the HTC One M8 that has the same hardware that we’re familiar with, but which runs Windows Phone. At least according to a tweet and some informed speculation. According to Phones Review there have been rumours about the new handset, which will apparently also feature a “bootloader” that will enable those in …

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James O'MalleyHTC making a Windows version of the HTC One M8?

Microsoft clones Snapchat with WindUp

It seems that even Microsoft is now cloning Snapchat with its own Windows Phone app. Microsoft Research has published a messaging app in the Windows Phone store that behaves exactly like Snapchat, as spotted by Neowin. The app is called WindUp, works on Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1, and is available to download for free. Here’s how the …

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Stuart O'ConnorMicrosoft clones Snapchat with WindUp