Today's top tech stories from the US

Here's a round up of the Tech Stories that are grabbing attention from across the pond. Pac Man Git-fiddle (Gizmodo): Admit it. You always wanted a guitar in the shape of Pacman, didn't you? Some N-gage QG accesories (Gizmodo) For…

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Chris CornwellToday's top tech stories from the US

microsoft adds local search to MSN

microsoft, not wanting to be left behind in the latest spate of search engine wars, has announced a new local search service, which is out in beta this week. The service, dubbed 'MSN local search', will add Yellow Page listings…

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Chris Cornwellmicrosoft adds local search to MSN

YourAir SMS pollution alerts

Ah the streets of London, no place like them, makes you just want to suck up all that atmosphere… Or rather you don't because apparently the pollution has become so bad that the YourAir programme will send out SMS…

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(Display Name not set)YourAir SMS pollution alerts

Google planning mîcropayments system?

Rumours are spreading that Google might be introducing a new mîcropayments system to rival services such as PayPal. Google Wallet would probably be a natural extension of the existing payment infrastructure that has helped make the company the world…

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(Display Name not set)Google planning mîcropayments system?

Yahoo launches new premium content search

Yahoo's really going for it. Today the search engine announced that it has begun testing a service that allows people to search information on sites on which you have to pay to subscribe. The new service, Yahoo search subscriptions, will…

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Chris CornwellYahoo launches new premium content search

Del Boy's van on eBay

Nice to see that Shiny Media’s sister company –  Trotters Independent Traders -has put its 3-wheeler van up for sale on eBay. Given that it is looking increasingly likely that we won’t be millionaires by Xmas it would make for…

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(Display Name not set)Del Boy's van on eBay

Audible goes online in the UK

If you're into audiobooks and into Apple's Music Store, then there's a good chance you might have heard of Audible already (insert pun here). For those not in the know, Audible provide downloadable audio books, comedy, drama, radio programmes and…

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Chris CornwellAudible goes online in the UK

Google to launch video search engine

Google seems to be going from strength to strength. Less than a week after we find out that it's the richest media empire in the world, Google has announced a new video search engine for web-only video, probably hoping to…

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Chris CornwellGoogle to launch video search engine

Skype goes video

Get your webcams at the ready because free internet telephony company Skype has made good on its promise to incorporate video calling to its increasingly popular service. Actually it isn't really Skype that's done it, its in fact another…

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(Display Name not set)Skype goes video

Google gets personal

In response to growing threats from both microsoft and Yahoo, Google will be upping the ante later today with the launch of its new service. Google users will soon be able personalise their search page with a range of…

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(Display Name not set)Google gets personal