10 Music 2.0 services that'll change your listening habits forever

Stuart Dredge Mobile phones, MP3 players, Top tens, Web 2.0

m20-myspace.jpgLet’s get one thing straight. The internet isn’t killing music, any more than home taping did back in the 1980s. Yes, CD sales are on the slide. Yes, people are still using peer-to-peer download services to trouser free music, despite the threat of legal action from the music industry. And yes, it’s possible that a whole generation of teenagers now believe music isn’t something you pay for.

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EA meets Endemol for virtual world, while Lonelygirl15 gets a Bebo spin-off

Stuart Dredge Virtual Reality, Web 2.0

Baz_endemol_logos.jpgThe games industry has its sights trained on Second Life, that’s for sure. After Sony announced its own virtual world for PS3, called Home, now Electronic Arts has teamed up with TV producer Endemol for a virtual world called Virtual Me, which will let you create an avatar and then compete in Big Brother, Deal Or No Deal and other virtual shows.

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