Obama comes out in favour of net neutrality… if only he could do something about it.

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Finally President Obama has spoken out over Net Neutrality. It's just a shame he can't do anything about it. Net Neutrality is one of the biggest issues of our age - the idea that without regulation, internet providers could soon charge corporations to get priority access to their users. In other words, one company could…

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Amazon adds unlimited cloud photo storage for UK Prime users

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Amazon has made its premium Amazon Prime offering even tastier for UK consumers - bundling in unlimited photo storage too. Backed by Amazon Cloud Drive tech, Amazon will store full resolution photos and - perhaps crucially - make photos available across devices that can run Amazon's apps - such as Amazon's own Fire TV, as…

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The Samaritans Radar app is a reminder that we have no control over how our data is used

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It has been almost a week since Samaritans launched its "Radar" web app - and almost a week since the backlash began. Astonishingly, the charity is sticking to its guns - and this should remind us that once our data is out there, we can't control what happens with it. On the surface the app…

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Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s Space Oddity is back online – hurrah!

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Good news for fans of awe-inspiring music videos. Commander Hadfield's Bowie cover is BACK! Remember Canadian Astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield, who wowed us all last year with his music video shot aboard the International Space Station? The cover of David Bowie's Space Oddity was pulled from YouTube after a year because of an agreement over…

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Wifi will now work at 150 Tube stations

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Good news for London commuters this morning as Virgin Media has announced it has installed wifi in its 150th London Underground station. The news comes as Wimbledon, Richmond, Morden, East Ham, Barking and Upminster are all brought online, providing travellers with blessed relief from the horror or having to stare vacantly at other people. Apparently…

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