Vine goes HD

Vines are about to get a whole lot more highly defined, as the app's API lead engineer has announced that following a forthcoming update, Vines will be saved in 720p quality - up from the 480p that was used before. The update essentially means the picture quality is going to get a lot … Continue reading

Twitter “improves” quoted tweets

Its always terrifying for Twitter users when the company decides to change something - just what has it broken now? So let's hope that you used quoted tweets in the same way that the developers do, as what happens has now been changed in the official app, so that when you quote a tweet, it … Continue reading

Google moves Photos in with Drive

The slow death of Google+ continues today as the company has announced that it will now be integrating its photo uploading facilities with Google Drive. The Google Drive Blog reveals the changes - which will now see photos sensibly listed alongside other types of files, rather than … Continue reading