Why Wearables haven’t taken off yet – and why this will all change by the end of the year

2014 was supposed to be the year of wearables – so why aren’t we all walking around with smart devices bolted to our arms? That’s the question posted by Allan Blair in the Guardian Today. In the piece Blair makes a number of interesting observations on why this might, ranging from fashion considerations, to cost, to phones already doing everything …

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James O'MalleyWhy Wearables haven’t taken off yet – and why this will all change by the end of the year

iWatch production delayed until November?

Bad news for anyone hoping to unwrap an iWatch this Christmas: production of the device, which doesn’t even officially exist yet, is rumoured to have been delayed from September until late November, meaning that even if Apple can ship them in time for the big day, supplies will be limited. Of course, this isn’t from Apple, which hasn’t even acknowledged …

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James O'MalleyiWatch production delayed until November?

Samsung’s VR headset spotted

We’ve known for some time that Samsung is working on a virtual-reality headset of its own, to compete with the Oculus Rift and Sony’s forthcoming Morpheus – but now we may have had our first glimpse. SamMobile has posted up a leaked image of what will apparently be called the “Samsung Gear VR”. Apparently most of the heavy lifting in …

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James O'MalleySamsung’s VR headset spotted

Is Asus working on an Android Wear watch?

Asus is readying its first smartwatch for release, according to TechCrunch. And it seems that the Asus watch – which will reportedly run on Google's new Android Wear platform – could be much cheaper than the competition. Quoting an anonymous…

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Stuart O'ConnorIs Asus working on an Android Wear watch?

Will the Oculus acquisition kill Kickstarter?

A few days ago I had started to write a piece speculating as to whether we'd reached Peak Kickstarter – the argument being that we'd probably reached a point where the fact that a new product is being funded by…

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James O'MalleyWill the Oculus acquisition kill Kickstarter?