Human-like skin for aircraft under development

A so-called “smart skin” – made up of tens of thousands of tiny sensors – could be fitted to future aircraft so that they can “feel” changes in speed, temperature, physical strain and movement. The system, which is being developed by BAE System’s Advanced Technology Centre in Essex, will also allow the exterior of aircraft to “feel” damage or injury …

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Stuart O'ConnorHuman-like skin for aircraft under development
Don't worry, this robot pictured only exists in Robocop. At least for the time being.

Russia deploys killer death robots

Russia has started using autonomous sentry robots to guard missile bases – that can identify enemies and make the decision to fire without a human being saying so. Yikes. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with Russia at the moment. The news comes via New Scientist, which reports that the “mobile robotic complex” will be guarding five …

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James O'MalleyRussia deploys killer death robots

Ford announce latest app additions to in-car AppLink system: TomTom join Spotify and others

Ford Motor Company have taken this year's IFA 2013 tech conference to reveal a number of new app additions to the company's in-car AppLink system. AppLink (which connects a smartphone to Ford's SYNC connected dashboard system) will welcome voice-activated versions…

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Gerald LynchFord announce latest app additions to in-car AppLink system: TomTom join Spotify and others


Click here for more images of the Ford SYNC system Car giants Ford took this week's CeBIT technology expo in Hanover, Germany, as an opportunity to announce the global launch of their new connected dashboard system, SYNC. Already available…

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Gerald LynchCeBIT 2011 PREVIEW: Ford SYNC