Don’t worry about Samsung’s Smart TVs listening in… worry about all of our gadgets listening instead.

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Over the last few days everyone has been losing their minds over the revelation that Samsung's smart TV privacy policy lets the company retain and transmit your voice data when you use voice commands. For some reason, this has become a really big story, despite voice technology like this being nearly ubiquitous nowadays. When you…

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Could CES2015 be when Smart TVs FINALLY got their act together?

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This year's CES show, currently underway in Las Vegas, has an abundance of TVs. All of the major manufacturers are there, promising the brightest, widest and curviest displays in history. We'll hear plenty of talk of OLEDs, Quantum Dots and contrast ratios - but something more important has happened on the inside of the sets.…

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The CES Digest: Wearables aren’t ready for the big time… and 7 other bits of news coming out of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show today

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Wearables aren’t ready for the big time, apparently | Shiny Shiny "The geek with a Google Glass in your office might disagree (and yes, some of the Shiny Shiny team too), but according to one company boss at CES 2015 wearable tech still isn’t quite ready for the mass market yet. At Qualcomm‘s…

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The Ultra HD Alliance isn't quite this exciting.

Industry gets together to figure out what “Ultra HD” actually means

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Expect to see the phrase "Ultra HD" popping up more often in the future - not just because TVs and phones are getting more highly defined, but because it might actually mean something. Several major technology and content companies have formed the "Ultra HD Alliance", aiming to set standards for 4K and beyond. [caption id="attachment_186969"…

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Vodafone planning to launch TV and home broadband services

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Vodafone is planning to enter the TV and home broadband market next year, according to reports. The Telegraph says that the CEO Vittorio Colao has announced the plan - which is motivated by changes in the telecommunications industry. Essentially, the reason seems to be that everyone is expecting BT to enter the mobile phone market…

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Which UK streaming services have the Marvel movies?

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Last night was a big night for film fans and comicbook geeks: Marvel announced its plans for "Phase 3" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe - and revealing who will be joining Iron Man, Captain America and company for Avengers: Infinite War in 2018. And this made us think: Before next year's Avengers: Age of Ultron,…

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