Don’t worry about Samsung’s Smart TVs listening in… worry about all of our gadgets listening instead.

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Over the last few days everyone has been losing their minds over the revelation that Samsung's smart TV privacy policy lets the company retain and transmit your voice data when you use voice commands. For some reason, this has become a really big story, despite voice technology like this being nearly ubiquitous nowadays. When you…

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The 12 best movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Instant Video right now

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We now live in a world where there is too much choice for good entertainment - so many great films at the cinema, and so much terrific TV available. What to watch? We're here to help, with some of the best offerings right now on Amazon Prime Instant in the UK. [nextpage…

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The 12 best movies and TV shows on Netflix right now

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So Christmas is over and the new year has begun. The alcohol hangover may have gone, but the bank balance is still feeling the festive season pinch - making a trip to the cinema unlikely until payday. But entertainment help is at hand if you have Netflix - here are some of the…

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Could CES2015 be when Smart TVs FINALLY got their act together?

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This year's CES show, currently underway in Las Vegas, has an abundance of TVs. All of the major manufacturers are there, promising the brightest, widest and curviest displays in history. We'll hear plenty of talk of OLEDs, Quantum Dots and contrast ratios - but something more important has happened on the inside of the sets.…

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The Ultra HD Alliance isn't quite this exciting.

Industry gets together to figure out what “Ultra HD” actually means

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Expect to see the phrase "Ultra HD" popping up more often in the future - not just because TVs and phones are getting more highly defined, but because it might actually mean something. Several major technology and content companies have formed the "Ultra HD Alliance", aiming to set standards for 4K and beyond. [caption id="attachment_186969"…

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The best DVDs to beat the Christmas TV schedules

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If you are to believe Britain's tabloid media, there is absolutely nothing to watch on television at Christmas but repeats. Repeats, repeats, repeats, year after year. Even Her Majesty is said to be sick of the repeats. With that in mind, here are a few alternative choices of what to watch on DVD…

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The Top 12 DVD/Blu-ray Box Sets for Christmas

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If you have a film or TV buff in your life, then buying them a perfect Christmas gift is a no-brainer. Here are 10 of the best Blu-ray and DVD box sets available this Christmas ... The Steven Spielberg Director’s Collection (Blu-ray; £47.60 at Amazon) Eight memorable films from one…

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