European flights no longer need airplane mode

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Excellent news for travellers: There's no longer any need to worry about switching off your devices before take-off, in Europe, at least. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has announced new guidance for airlines, which allows the use of phones, laptops and other devices through-out the flight - with no need to switch off or…

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Whistl trials electric unicycle, the AirWheel Q3, for urban deliveries

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It may look a bit like a poor man's Segway, but meet the AirWheel unicycle.  Billed as  a futuristic transport device, it's being deployed by whistl (formerly TNT Post) to get parcels around the city more quickly. Posties from whistl took to the streets of London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham on Monday 15th September, creating…

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REVIEW: Zeal Optics Transcend GPS goggles

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Zeal Optics are really upping their game with their latest pair of ski-googles, the Transcend GPS model. With a whole host of location-aware features, these shades are one-part eye protection and one-part fighter-pilot HUD techy-goodness. But is the addition of a screen little more than a novelty, or a full-blown Robocop-on-the-slopes experience?

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