Hailo introduces the Piggyback – revolutionising personal transportation

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Watch the YouTube video above to see Olaf Spirls, Head of Hailo's Personal Transportation Product, talk about how cab app Hailo came up with its latest revolution in personal transportation. In the video, we are privileged to see the actual brainstorm where they came up with the stunning development and where they wrestled with important…

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Government scheme puts £7.5m aside for electric motorbikes, £1500 discounts available

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Pictured above:Harley-Davidson goes electric with the Livewire motorcycle Motorcyclists will be offered up to £1,500 to buy electric motorbikes, under a new government scheme, reports Business Green. Up to £7.5m will be set aside to accelerate the uptake of greener two-wheelers, under the same programme which also offers discounts of up to £5,000 off the cost…

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Hailocab tries to convince people that talking to cab drivers is a plus point

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Taxi app Hailocab is worried. Whilst it relies on expensive and well organised black cab drivers for its services, rival Uber (controversially) does away with the formalities, employing cheaper drivers. Worse still, one of the key investors is Google, which is working on driverless car technology, which could conceivably ultimately make Uber even cheaper and…

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Electric cabs to be built in Coventry as London goes zero emission

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China's Geely is investing £250m in a new Coventry factory to build zero emission London cabs as part of mayor Boris Johnson's plans to crack down on the capital's air pollution. Expected to hit the market in 2017,  the new London taxis will, according to Johnson, incorporate 'the latest state of the art technology'. He continues:…

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WATCH: The mindblowing plan to build a tunnel between Denmark and Germany

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Yesterday CityLab wrote a fascinating piece on the plans to build a new tunnel on the seabed between Denmark and Germany. The "Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link" looks set to reduce travel times between Copenhagen and Berlin by train from 5 hours to just 2. But what's really interesting is the technological challenges in how they…

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JIVR e-bike secures Kickstarter funding, will ship in September

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Hi-tech e-bike JIVR will now ship in September after reaching its funding target after just two weeks. The first foldable, chainless electric bike was due to hit its target by April 10, but reached the £70,000 landmark well ahead of schedule. Marcin Piatkowski, the Polish-born creator of the JIVR bike, commented: “I have been overwhelmed and…

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TRON: Legacy Light Bike up for sale – but you’ll need at least $25,000

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Above: The replica Tron Light Bike which will be auctioned next month When it was released in 2010, TRON: Legacy may have disappointed a few fans who remembered the 1980s cult Tron movie. But the one thing that really did capture peoples' imaginations was the redesigned light cycle which has since spawned a whole host of…

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Chris Urmson, Google

TED Talk: Google’s self drive car project will be live in 5 years. ‘Before my son can drive!’

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I'm not sure it's a great reason to completely revolutionise four-wheeled transport. But Chris Urmson, director of Google's self-drive car project, told delegates at a Ted (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference yesterday that his motivation for ensuring that the technology is standard on roads within five years is because his eldest son, who is 11,…

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10 things you need to know about the Solar Impulse-2 plane that’s circumnavigating the globe

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This morning saw a record-breaking attempt to go around the world in a solar powered plane get underway. The aircraft which is called the Solar Impulse-2 took from Abu Dhabi, heading east to Muscat in Oman. Here's everything you need to know about the adventure. 1. At 72m, the Solar Impulse-2 has a larger wingspan than…

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