The Skep-Tech: Why Apple WON’T make iPads that run Mac OS, and why it would be INSANE to do so

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I've been holding off talking about this, because it sounds insane - but the din in the tech scene won't go away because it is largely a massive echo-chamber. Everyone is reporting 'rumours' that Apple is planning an iPad (possibly a 12" iPad) that runs Mac OS. Now, perhaps I'll look back on this post…

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How to Use E-book Readers and Tablets as Tools for Research

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It is often claimed that superficial and occasional readers are more likely to “succumb” to the lures of e-book reading devices, whereas “serious” readers will always prefer printed books. However, studies conducted among e-book users have steadily shown them to be avid readers, who read books in all formats and for a number of reasons,…

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Half of the world will be online by 2017

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Our connected world is becoming ever more connected, according to the latest State of Broadband report. The report's 2014 edition estimates that more than half of the global population will have internet access within three years' time. The report also says that mobile broadband via smartphones and tablets is now the fastest growing technology in…

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Careful, there's a bowl of ice beneath the device...

Panasonic’s new Toughpad tablets will let you tweet whatever the circumstances

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Panasonic is known for its range of Toughpad enterprise tablets, and now it adds two new 5-inch handheld devices to the lineup. Careful, there's a bowl of ice beneath the device... The two new Toughpads are the Android-based F-X1 and the FZ-E1, which runs embedded Windows Phone 8.1. The Toughpads are…

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Qantas and Virgin loosen their in-flight phone rules

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The airlines Qantas and Virgin Australia will now allow passengers to keep phones and other electronic devices powered on during flights. Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority has approved applications from both airlines that will allow passengers to keep their phones, tablets and e-readers on even during take-off and landing. The devices will need to remain…

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Britons still prefer to watch television live – on their TVs

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As our "second" screens get smaller while our TV screens get larger, it seems that the old adage that "bigger is better" just might hold true. Some new research has shown that despite the growth in watching television via a PC, tablet or smartphone, 90 per cent of viewers still regularly use the TV to…

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