The Digest: Spotify fans are cat people… and 4 other things people are talking about today

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Spotify fans are cat people, but Taylor Swift fans prefer dogs, data shows  | The Guardian "Maybe the row between Spotify and Taylor Swift is about more than streaming music royalties. Maybe it boils down to a deep disagreement over pets. That’s one (yes, ridiculous, but wait until you see the data) conclusion…

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Spotify to give you uninterrupted streaming in exchange for watching adverts

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Spotify is introducing video adverts for non-premium subscribers, and will reward you for watching them all the way through. According to WP Central, Spotify video ads comes in two forms: First there's straight up videos, which will play back on the Spotify desktop client. These will be clever enough to stop playing back if you're…

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Spotify now free on Windows Phone

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Music streaming service Spotify is now free on the Windows Phone app, after unveiling an ad-supported and shuffle-mode which came to iOS and Android earlier this year. Previously, Windows Phone users were only able to stream via the Spotify app with a premium subscription, which includes ad-free mobile and offline listening. Now, Windows Phone streams…

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Is Google trying to buy Spotify? Here’s why a deal would be great for both companies.

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Interesting rumours are doing the rounds suggesting that Google might be attempting to acquire music streaming service Spotify. Such a deal could massively upset the music and tech industries. TechRadar reports that Google was on the cusp of making the deal, before deciding that the $4-5bn price was simply too high. To put that into…

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