Beware of these Facebook malware scams

Would you like to find out how many people have visited your Facebook page this week? Or do you want to change that blue colour of your Facebook page? If so, be very wary of clicking on any related links in your Facebook news feed. The digital security company BitDefender has compiled a list of…

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Stuart O'ConnorBeware of these Facebook malware scams

Facebook is testing a ‘buy’ button

Amazon recently rolled out a "buy now" feature for its followers on Twitter, and now it seems that Facebook is looking at a similar feature for its website. Facebook said this week that it is testing a Buy button to help businesses drive sales through the News Feed and on their Facebook Pages. "With this…

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Stuart O'ConnorFacebook is testing a ‘buy’ button

Google+ finally removes naming restrictions

It's been around for three years now, but Google+ still struggles to drag people away from the more popular (and, to be honest, useful) social networks Facebook and Twitter. Now, in a bid to actually get people involved and stop Google+ being a social desert island, Google has dropped the rule that requires Google+ users…

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Stuart O'ConnorGoogle+ finally removes naming restrictions