Water may soon be used to charge your phone

Smartphones and water are not normally best buddies – as anyone who has dropped their handset in the loo can attest – but that all may change soon thanks to some clever scientists. It seems that researchers at MIT (aka the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) could well have have found a way to harness the power of water to charge …

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Stuart O'ConnorWater may soon be used to charge your phone

REVIEW: Netatmo Urban Weather Station

Everywhere you go, you can always take the weather with you thanks to the Netatmo Urban Weather Station, tracking minute changes in humidity, temperature, CO2 levels and sound levels at your home while on the go through both iPhone and Android apps. But, for £139, can it glean any more information than a TV weather report or a quick glance out of the window already can? Read our full review to find out!

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Gerald LynchREVIEW: Netatmo Urban Weather Station