eBay Nutcase of the Week: The alleged last bag of Woolworths Pic 'N' Mix can be yours

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If you missed out on the thrilling, frenzied, staff-assaulting, dignity-sapping, blatant and aggressive looting of the once-proud Woolworths brand over Christmas and the New Year, there’s still time to get yourself a bit of Woolies history.

Enterprising store manager Ed Adams, of the Petts Wood branch in Orpington, London, decided to nick/liberate the last remaining scraps from his branch’s Pic ‘N’ Mix display counter – an 800g selection of “delicious nostalgia” he’s now put up for sale on eBay…

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eBay Nutcase of the Week: Jon Ward auctions date with himself for… £46

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Spurred on by the sorry tale of that American slapper who auctioned her alleged virginity for several million dollars, long-term Potters Bar singleton Jon Ward decided to sell an all-expenses-paid night out with himself “in London” on eBay.

The listing’s ended, but you can read Jon’s excellent self-oriented sales speak here.


The result? A lady called “sexysarah2009″ bought an evening with Jon…

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Amazon forcing employees to work seven days round the clock

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Anyone looking for a little temporary work over Christmas might want to steer well clear of online retail leviathan Amazon. An undercover journalist from the Sunday Times reported that staff in the warehouse in Bedfordshire are required to work five days a week with an obligatory night shift on Saturdays, effectively meaning they’re labouring all week long…

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End of an era: grab a tech bargain at Woolworths this weekend

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Even if you’ve been trying to ignore the bleak economic news of recent months, instead choosing to count the £10.54 worth of pennies you have hidden in a large jar under your bed, you’ll likely be aware that retail institution Woolworths is about to die.

To go out with a bang, the administrator has announced that Woolworths will begin an up-to-50% sale this weekend in all its UK stores.

The biggest discounts will be on toys and greetings cards, but apparently entertainment goods will also be discounted, so perhaps Woolies is the place to go if you’ve got any cash and want to buy a cheaper telly or games console…

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Unsentimental Alton Towers coldly flogs off chunks of its Corkscrew rollercoaster on eBay

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A reader who calls himself “Stretchy” has just alerted us to this awesome bit of history-making eBay activity – Alton Towers is flogging off the front car of its long-running Corkscrew rollercoaster.

The description over at Alton Towers’ site says you’re getting “The most unique Christmas present EVER!” if, by some incredible longshot, you happen to have a friend or family member who’s just asked for a bit of a closed rollercoaster as one of their Christmas presents this year…

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New Doctor Who hitting iTunes – one series a week popping up during December

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Doctor Who, a show which chronicles the increasingly camp adventures of a time travelling man who gets his clothes from a Help The Aged sale rack and solves everything from interplanetary war to tooth decay by shouting while pointing a screwdriver at a broken numeric keypad, is coming to iTunes.

BBC worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC that’s allowed to sell things for money, is dumping every episode of the new Who on Apple’s shopping system. Episodes from the first series of the modern Who should be ready for buying and downloading today…

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FAKE SCIENCE: Alternate universe-generation kit, yours for $20

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We really haven’t been paying enough attention to the part of science that deals with multiple universes.

Because, from next month, you will be able to buy one of these – a make-your-own-universe kit. It’s based around some fancy science that states there’s an infinite number of possible alternate universes, and more are created each time any kind of measurement is taken that defines one particular place. Or something along those lines…

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eBay Nutcase of the Week: Woman buys house she hasn't seen for $1.75

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No, that is not an error. We didn’t mean $1.75m. We really do mean $1.75, as in about 90p at today’s rapidly-plummeting exchange rate. Less eBay fees and PayPal commission, of course, but they won’t be that crippling considering the buyer’s getting an entire house.

The woman in question is mature student Joanne Smith. She was browsing eBay for “PlayStations,” when she noticed an alert for a house on sale with no starting price. So she placed a bid of $20 – eventually winning the auction for $1.75…

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Oh noes! DSGi to close 77 Currys.Digital stores

Al W Retail 3 Comments


Following a ‘radical’ review, DSGi retail group which operates Curry, Currys.digital and PC World stores here in the UK, is set to close 77 of its high street Currys.Digital (formerly known as Dixons) stores. The 100 remaining shops will be trialling new formats later in the year and rethinking the product lines they have in stock.

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