Google's finally making money off YouTube, with longer-length videos now allowed

Katherine Hannaford Online TV, Web 2.0 1 Comment


In an attempt to monetise YouTube, their owner Google has decided to allow longer videos to be uploaded to the site, including full-length episodes and films.

Don’t get too carried away looking up the latest Indiana Jones flick just yet, as only selected companies have been allowed to break the current 10-minutes length criteria so far. The recent release of an episode of the TV show The Tudors is an example of what will be uploaded under these new rules, with money obviously swapping hands somewhere along the way…

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Warner Bros to set up branded channels with major online video services

Andy Merrett Joost, Online TV Leave a Comment


Warner Brothers has announced that it has signed a number of deals with large online video networks to show ad-supported branded channels such as,, plus two new channels showing classic and science fiction programming.

The channels will be available on Joost, TiVo, Sling Media, Daily Motion, and Veoh networks, with WB hoping to attract viewers from the 16-34 age group who are increasingly using mobile and Internet services in preference to traditional TV channels…

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BBC to create massive web archive for 81 years of radio and TV programmes

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The BBC has outlined plans to create a huge online information archive of over eight decades of its radio and television programmes.

The Corporation plans to create a web page for every programme it has ever broadcast, featuring information about the show, links, and video clips. Eventually, whole episodes could be made available via the BBC iPlayer or Kangaroo services, though of course some old programmes were either live and unrecorded, or the tapes have been lost…

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Qik allows Window Mobile users to live-stream video from handsets

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I’ve never used Qik before, but know from many of my Twitter contacts that the mobile video streaming service is hugely popular, particularly with heavyweights such as Michael Arrington, Loic Le Meur, and Kevin Rose.

The reason I’ve never used it before is because until today, it’s been limited to a select few S60 handsets, and not Windows Mobile-enabled phones, like I use. However the company has launched a limited Alpha test for Samsung Blackjack and Motorola Q phones, and will hopefully roll the…

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Legit internet TV network hit by denial of service attack from anti-piracy company

Al W Internet, Online TV 1 Comment


Online media company Revision3 suffered a severe Denial of Service (DoS) attack over the weekend, which brought down the main site, the RSS server, and even its internal corporate email. Although DoS attacks far from uncommon in the modern internet era, the real mystery was who would actually want to close down Revision3. The answer proved pretty disturbing.

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Gordon Brown embraces exciting new "internet" technology – puts Prime Minister's Question Time on YouTube

Gary Cutlack Internet, Online TV, Web 2.0, Websites 3 Comments


The forward-thinking Mr Brown has just dragged UK democracy into the 21st century today, with the launch of Prime Minister’s Question Time – on YouTube.

The new official channel features an “Ask the PM” section which allows user to submit their video questions for the cool and connected Mr Brown, who will then attempt to mask his contempt long enough…

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iPlayer streaming demand appears to be levelling off, according to one UK ISP

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The extraordinary demand for the BBC’s iPlayer service appears to be reaching a plateau, at least for now, if one ISP’s usage statistics are anything to go by.

PlusNet has been monitoring the effect of its customers streaming content from the BBC iPlayer, and has seen modest percentage rises in usage since March. February’s figures were up 25% over January, but March was around 6.6% higher than February, and April just 3.2% over March…

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iTunes could get flexible pricing thanks to rumoured HBO deal

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According to sources, HBO could begin selling TV shows on the US iTunes Store at variable prices.

Until now, TV shows and music has been sold at fixed prices, and that was, in part, the reason why NBC pulled some of its shows from iTunes last year. Apple’s current thinking is that a single price for this content, regardless of whether it’s a new release or archive, makes it simpler for the consumer…

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