iPlayer streaming demand appears to be levelling off, according to one UK ISP

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The extraordinary demand for the BBC’s iPlayer service appears to be reaching a plateau, at least for now, if one ISP’s usage statistics are anything to go by.

PlusNet has been monitoring the effect of its customers streaming content from the BBC iPlayer, and has seen modest percentage rises in usage since March. February’s figures were up 25% over January, but March was around 6.6% higher than February, and April just 3.2% over March…

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iTunes could get flexible pricing thanks to rumoured HBO deal

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According to sources, HBO could begin selling TV shows on the US iTunes Store at variable prices.

Until now, TV shows and music has been sold at fixed prices, and that was, in part, the reason why NBC pulled some of its shows from iTunes last year. Apple’s current thinking is that a single price for this content, regardless of whether it’s a new release or archive, makes it simpler for the consumer…

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AmberFin: Snell & Wilcox launches end-to-end content creation solution: good news for consumers

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At first glance, the news that a well-established company which supplies services to the broadcast industry has launched a new service for handling video content may not seem particularly relevant to consumers. Yet Snell and Wilcox’s work is something that most TV viewers in Britain will have experienced even if they’ve never heard of the company.

Yesterday I spoke to Joe Zaller (VP Corporate Development) and Simon Derry (CEO) from S&W. It’s clear that broadcasters, ISPs and telecoms companies need a system like AmberFin if they’re to deliver digital video in a variety of formats to an ever more demanding consumer, in high quality, while still making money.

AmberFin should create a win-win situation for everyone…

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Zattoo launches in UK, bringing live terrestrial TV to your desktop

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Zattoo has announced that its online live TV streaming service has launched in the UK, and offers access to the five main terrestrial channels (BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4, and Five), as well as some of the others (BBC Three, BBC Four, CBeebies, CBBC, ABC News Now, Bloomberg UK, and so on)…

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Indonesian censorship news: YouTube allowed again!

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Previously we have reported on Indonesia banning porn and YouTube. We are the UK’s premier source of news regarding Indonesian ISP policies. It it’s happening in Indonesia, you’ll find it first here first!

So it’s pleasing to report that Indonesia has today un-banned YouTube, with the country’s ISPs allowing access to the video-sharing site again – but still blocking any individual pages containing the offensive and supposedly anti-Islamic film that sparked the…

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Superimpose your face onto Jack Bauer's, when Oddcast gets its act together and launches

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TechCrunch remains one of my favourite blogs, for bringing brilliant new web 2.0 start-ups to my attention, like Oddcast’s 3D Videostar service.

It hasn’t launched yet, but it allows you to superimpose your face (or anyone’s face, really…) over an actor’s face in movie clips. Thus, your desire to be John McClane in Die Hard is fulfilled.

It hasn’t launched yet, and there’s no word as to the date when we can all get busy starring in our favourite films, but I’m sure TechCrunch will let us know, via Arrington releasing a clip of him as David Bowie in Labyrinth. *shudder*…

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Fancy downloading Spaced, Peep Show and Skins on iTunes? Channel 4 TV shows now available

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A huge boost to both Channel 4 and iTunes has been announced today, with the teenager-friendly UK TV network now offering its premiere shows on the UK iTunes.

Classics such as Spaced, Teachers, Peep Show, Black Books, Shameless, Monarchy and newbie Skins will be available for download, at £1.89 per episode, a far cry from the $1.99 the US market pays.

An obvious ploy for recruiting youngsters to download their favourite comedy shows by legal means, the episodes will be perfectly formatted for viewing on iPods. Whether you want Spaced’s Marsha “just popping down to Threshers to do the weekly shop” Klein perfectly formatted is another question entirely…

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Trent Reznor expands on his internet prowess, calls upon UGC for Ghosts music videos

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Not a week after releasing his album Ghosts I-IV for free download, Trent Reznor is at it again, giving fans the opportunity to create music videos for the album’s 36 songs.

Via a video on YouTube, Reznor has asked his fans to create videos for the instrumental songs, which will be uploaded to YouTube, and featured in a take-over similar to last week’s Sigur Ros day. Reznor explained “to expand the idea of the “Ghosts” project, we’re inviting anyone and everyone to create visuals to accompany the album’s music. In a few months, we’ll be gathering the entries we feel are particularly exceptional and highlighting them. There are…

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