Can the film industry learn from the music industry to stop piracy?

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Over the weekend we heard the news that Sony Pictures has been hacked by a group known as "GOP" (who aren't the same people as the US Republican "Grand Old Party", presumably). GOP claims to have stolen many of Sony's "secrets", including copies of films that haven't been released, or at least released outside of…

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Blinkbox adds offline viewing support

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Exciting news for Blinkbox customers (yep, all six of you): The movie and TV on demand service has added offline viewing capabilities to its iPad and Android apps. Apparently the offline functionality will allow you to download purchased content on up to five devices - though rented movies will only be available on one. To…

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Amazon FINALLY adds subtitles/closed captioning to Instant Video apps

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Amazon has quietly rolled out a captions facility for users of its instant video service - marking a victory for disability campaigners. The good news is that it appears in recent days that Amazon has quietly released an update for app, adding a caption facility (we certainly haven't received a press release about it). Titles…

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