Spotify now free on Windows Phone

Music streaming service Spotify is now free on the Windows Phone app, after unveiling an ad-supported and shuffle-mode which came to iOS and Android earlier this year. Previously, Windows Phone users were only able to stream via the Spotify app with a premium subscription, which includes ad-free mobile and offline listening. Now, Windows Phone streams free through the shuffle play …

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Stuart O'ConnorSpotify now free on Windows Phone

Online music videos to get age rating in UK

In further proof that he has absolutely no understanding of how the internet works, UK prime minister David Cameron has announced that music videos on YouTube and other websites will be given age ratings from October to stop children seeing “graphic content”. Cameron said that new filters will replicate rules that exist offline for media such as film and DVD …

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Stuart O'ConnorOnline music videos to get age rating in UK

Shazam brings music ID powers to Mac

Shazam is bringing its media identification software to the desktop with an app for the Mac. Previously only available on smartphones, Shazam is now available for free in Apple’s Mac App Store. As with the Android or iOS version, Shazam for Mac identifies songs playing in the background of your home, office, coffee shop, or anywhere else you have your …

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Stuart O'ConnorShazam brings music ID powers to Mac

Is Google trying to buy Spotify? Here’s why a deal would be great for both companies.

Interesting rumours are doing the rounds suggesting that Google might be attempting to acquire music streaming service Spotify. Such a deal could massively upset the music and tech industries. TechRadar reports that Google was on the cusp of making the deal, before deciding that the $4-5bn price was simply too high. To put that into some perspective, Instagram cost Facebook …

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James O'MalleyIs Google trying to buy Spotify? Here’s why a deal would be great for both companies.

Anti-piracy campaign set to kick off in UK

In an effort to fight digital piracy, the movie and music industries have announced a deal with the UK’s leading ISPs to send warning emails to alleged copyright infringers. Called the Voluntary Copyright Alert Programme, the campaign will focus on alerting people to the fact that their activities infringe copyright. Starting next year, up to four warnings will be sent …

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Stuart O'ConnorAnti-piracy campaign set to kick off in UK

Paul McCartney re-releases five albums as iPad apps

Sir Paul McCartney has somehow never managed to loses his cool – or his financial touch. This week, a “selfie” of Macca sitting on a bench with billionaire Warren Buffett that was taken by a 16-year-old in Omaha, Nebraska, went viral. Now the coolest surviving Beatle has announced that five of his classic albums – Band on the Run, McCartney, McCartney …

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Stuart O'ConnorPaul McCartney re-releases five albums as iPad apps

Sonos adds support for Soundcloud

Sonos has announced the addition of Soundcloud as a supported service on its systems – joining the likes of Spotify, Google Play Music and Deezer. Sonos’s range of speaker systems are at the top end of the market – offering a wifi home-streaming music system capable of playing music in different rooms of your house controlled by an app on …

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James O'MalleySonos adds support for Soundcloud

Deezer gets Chromecast support

Music streaming service Deezer has announced this morning that it is to add support for Google's Chromecast streaming dongle. The Chromecast update will add a whole new TV interface for the app – and perhaps most intriguingly, it will support…

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James O'MalleyDeezer gets Chromecast support