Samsung dishing out free S6 handsets to dedicated fans in South Korea

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As part of a special promotion, Samsung will apparently be giving its most loyal fans a free Galaxy S6, if they're able to show up with all of the previous phones. According to Chosun, customers will need present SK Telecom with everything from the original Samsung Galaxy S to last year's S5. That's 13 phones…

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When does “Unlimited” not mean “Unlimited”? Virgin Media given a slap by regulators

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Whoops! It seems that if you advertise "unlimited" mobile broadband, you probably shouldn't reduce users' download speeds when they hit a pre-defined limit - at least according to the Advertising Standards Authority. As spotted by ISP Review, the advertising regulator has given Virgin Media a good telling off for throttling download speeds to just 0.38Mbps…

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The HTC One M9 is available in UK NOW – watch our video review

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Today's the day! HTC's new flagship handset, the HTC One M9 is now officially available in Britain. Carphone Warehouse won the race to see who could press release it the fastest - announcing that the phone is available in its stores for £37.50/month when paying nothing upfront. Whilst similar (some would say too similar) to…

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Will Windows Phone soon run Android apps?

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Today's rumour du jour is that Microsoft could be planning to add support for Android apps on Windows Phone - in a bid to boost the number of apps available. According to Neowin Microsoft might be investigating possible emulation technologies in a bid to shortcut its platform's chicken-and-egg problem, of not having enough apps to…

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Why are all of the Twitter profiles blue? Millionaire musicians appropriate the language of charity to promote more expensive alternative to Spotify

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Forget Spotify - why not pay double for a nominally higher quality audio service instead? That's the message being sent out by a bunch of popular celebrities on the Twitters today. You may have noticed that a bunch of famous names that the kidz like, including Kanye West, Rihanna and Madonna have all turned their…

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Developer annoyed by Instagram’s Layout app stealing his name

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Mike Swanson is an independent developer who in 2012 published an app called "Layout", which lets you combine multiple photos into one. Fast-forward to 2015 and Instagram (which is owned by Facebook, don't forget) publishes a new app that lets you combine multiple photos into one, and called it... Umm... Layout. As you might expect,…

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