Mobile signal boost for UK national parks

Have you ever been frustrated when, on a day out to a British national park, you haven’t been able to download the latest cat video, or find out what Kim Kardashian is up to, thanks to a lack of mobile phone signal? Well, fret no longer. The BBC reports that England’s national parks are to get improved mobile phone coverage …

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Stuart O'ConnorMobile signal boost for UK national parks

Microsoft rumoured to be planning new round of job cuts

Microsoft is reportedly planning the biggest round of job cuts in five years. Bloomberg reports that the restructuring comes as the software giant integrates the recently-acquired Nokia handset unit into the business. It says that the job losses could be the biggest in Microsoft history, topping the 5,800 layoffs in 2009. Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile business in a deal worth …

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Stuart O'ConnorMicrosoft rumoured to be planning new round of job cuts

Samsung working on ultra-sound “Pen”

An intriguing piece of new technology is apparently under development at Samsung. The company is said to be working on a new style that works using ultrasound technology. The news comes from SamMobile, which has spotted a patent application by the company. Apparently the way it would work is the screen would have sensors around the edge, that would pick …

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James O'MalleySamsung working on ultra-sound “Pen”
Pic from iMore

5.5″ iPhone 6 pushed into 2015?

An Apple rumour a day keeps the confirmed facts at bay. Today’s iPhone 6 rumour du jour is suggestions that the larger 5.5″ iPhone 6 could have its release delayed until next year. As ever with iPhone 6 rumours, we remind you that none of this information is confirmed: Apple won’t even say if the iPhone 6 really exists yet. …

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James O'Malley5.5″ iPhone 6 pushed into 2015?

Battery breakthrough could lead to longer-lasting smartphones

As new rules come into force about proving your phone is actually a phone when you catch a plane, there is good news for people worried that their battery may well give out on the journey from home to the airport. Beacon News reports that a team at the energy storage technology company AdvEn Solutions has developed a new technology …

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Stuart O'ConnorBattery breakthrough could lead to longer-lasting smartphones
Mobile banking

UK digital banking reaches £1bn a day

Remember the very, very old days where, if you wanted to get money out of your bank account, you had to walk into a building and conduct a conversation and a physical transaction with an actual human being? How those times have changed – most of us now do pretty much all our banking online or at ATMs. A new …

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Stuart O'ConnorUK digital banking reaches £1bn a day

Nokia Lumia 930 comes to Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse has announced that it is to carry the forthcoming Nokia Lumia 930 – with pre-orders beginning today. The device, which runs Windows Phone OS, looks set to be Microsoft’s new flagship device: It has a 5″ display, 2.2ghz quadcore Snapdragon processor and an impressive 20MP camera. And it seems that Carphone Warehouse really want you to buy one. …

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James O'MalleyNokia Lumia 930 comes to Carphone Warehouse

Post Office to launch phone network

The Post Office has announced plans to launch a mobile phone network of its own, in a press release that inexplicably doesn’t include a pun about “first class service”. The new network will be an MVNO – a mobile virtual network operator. In other words, the company won’t be building transmitters but will instead be piggybacking on the EE network, …

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James O'MalleyPost Office to launch phone network

Sony announce “Selfie”-centric Xperia C3

Sony has announced a new phone that specialises in taking Selfies. Narcissists will love it almost as much as they love themselves. The Xperia C3 has been built with selfies in mind: front-facing camera is an unusually generous 5 megapixels, and it has been given a wide-angle lens, giving the camera an 80 degree field of vision. This means you …

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James O'MalleySony announce “Selfie”-centric Xperia C3