The Digest: Console sales rise… and 4 other things people are talking about today

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Console sales up dramatically in 2014 as Xbox One finishes strongly | Engadget "Console fanboys, get ready to gloat - or mope. Actually, (nearly) everybody can be cheered by the latest data from NPD, which showed console sales up a cool 20 percent from last year to to over $5 billion. Leading the…

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Why would Samsung want to buy Blackberry for $7.5bn?

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There's a rumour doing the rounds today about how Samsung has apparently approached Blackberry about buying the firm for around $7.5bn. Since the rumour emerged, and the Blackberry stock price shot up, Blackberry has since denied that talks have taken place. Though that said - it does raise what would certainly be an interesting development…

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Why Samsung should just give up on Tizen

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Yesterday there were reports that Samsung has finally released a phone running its non-Android "Tizen" operating system. The Z1 has gone on sale in India six months after it was indefinitely delayed. The reason the operating system exists is essentially to satisfy some executive egos. Samsung, unlike Google and Apple, doesn't control the platform which…

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Check out TextBlade – a tiny physical keyboard for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

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Want a bluetooth keyboard for your phone but don't want to carry around anything too bulky? Then TextBlade might be the perfect solution. BGR got the scoop, showing the keyboard that is made up of only 8 separate keys - but still manages to offer a full size keyboard by using multitouch. Cleverly, it all…

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