Griffin update iTrip FM transmitter for Lightning Connector (iPhone 5S)

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Accessory maker Griffin has announced a new iteration of its iTrip FM transmitter accessory for iPhone - which will be compatible with iPhone 5 and above. The iTrip Auto plugs in via the Lightning connector and is powered by the standard 12V car plug. It enables you to transmit your tunes over FM radio, so…

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21 iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C cases and covers

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You've just shelled out a couple of hundred quid on an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C pre-order and the thought of your shiny new smartphone slipping through your buttery fingers sends a chill through your heart. But not to worry!…

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Proporta reveal universal smartphone and tablet cases: One size fits iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 and more!

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If you (as we expect most of you Tech Digest readers to be) are of the techy persuasion, it's likely that you've had a fair few smartphones over the past few years. And if your as prescious about your tech…

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