Police arrest man for running proxy servers

City of London anti-piracy police have arrested a man in Nottingham for running a proxy server. The 20-year-old from Nottingham is believed to have been running a proxy server that connected to addresses banned by service providers in the UK. Acccording to reports, the man was questioned and then released on bail. The arrest was made after the Police Intellectual …

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Stuart O'ConnorPolice arrest man for running proxy servers

Anti-piracy campaign set to kick off in UK

In an effort to fight digital piracy, the movie and music industries have announced a deal with the UK’s leading ISPs to send warning emails to alleged copyright infringers. Called the Voluntary Copyright Alert Programme, the campaign will focus on alerting people to the fact that their activities infringe copyright. Starting next year, up to four warnings will be sent …

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Stuart O'ConnorAnti-piracy campaign set to kick off in UK