Whoever owns the Commodore brand is getting in on the Netbook scene, with the UMMD 8010/F

Gary Cutlack Computers, IFA 2008, Laptops / Notebooks 5 Comments


Honestly, my dad’s got a Netbook coming out this Autumn. He’s pitching it against my mum’s, which is simply a lower-spec version of the one my sister put out last year.

The point is, everyone’s releasing bloody mega-portable Eee PC-alikes these days – even companies we all thought had long since stopped existing. Like Commodore here, with its all-new UMMD 8010/F, a netbook featuring pretty much what we’ve come to expect from one of these new wave mini laptops. Brace yourselves, the technical specifications paragraph is coming up next…

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IFA 2008: m-Qubic video messaging system – a post-it note for the future

Duncan Geere IFA 2008, Weirdness Leave a Comment

The m-Qubic video messaging system is basically a post-it note on the fridge, but for the 21st century. You hit “record”, relay a quick message, and in tens of millions of years a highly advanced civilization will discover a fossil recording of you getting really pissed off with your flatmates eating your cornflakes. They’ll deduce that we were a warlike, aggressive race, and will blow up the rest of the planet in spite…

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IFA 2008: Portable Solar Panels from Onlink

Duncan Geere Energy systems, IFA 2008, Video Reviews 1 Comment

In the video above, Dan checks out a company called Onlink who have a great idea for a product – solar panels built into your laptop case. Their cases have two pockets – one for your laptop and one for two big solar panels that then attach to your laptop and help you charge while on the go…

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IFA 2008: Rollei X-8 Sports is the Chuck Norris of cameras

Duncan Geere Cameras, IFA 2008 1 Comment


No, actually, it’s not. Because nothing could possibly be as rugged than Chuck Norris. What it does rival is the Ricoh G600. When I say “rival” though, I actually mean “spec slightly worse in every category”. There isn’t any price yet, though, so maybe that’s where it can win out…

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IFA 2008: Epson EH-DM2 Projector, for those who want their own bat signal

James O'Malley Home cinema, IFA 2008 Leave a Comment

EpsonEHDM2View3_high (Small).jpg

Are you an Epson projector affectionado? Do you have an irrational compulsion to own the complete Epson set? Do you spend your weekend mornings meeting up with other “Epson-heads” to show off your machines and compare lumens? Maybe you even push your kids into following your Epson hobby too, getting them to live out your own failed Epson projector dreams? If so, you were probably pretty happy this morning when Epson unveiled four new projectors. I’ve got some further good news for you – but not for your “Epson widow” wife – they’ve announced yet another projector… the EH-DM2.

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IFA 2008: JVC Everio HD30 and HD40

Duncan Geere Camcorders, IFA 2008 Leave a Comment

Over in Berlin, Zara’s been hunting down camcorders – specifically the new Everios from JVC – the HD30 and HD40. They’ve got dual-format recording, so they record in both MPEG2 and AVCHD. This means you can get far more video into much less storage space. 50 hours onto the 120GB HD40. It’s got 10x optical zoom, and records at 1080p.

No price point, no release date, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything…

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