Almost 1bn TV sets will be online by 2020

The world is becoming ever more connected, and it’s not going to slow down any time soon. According to a new report from the company Digital TV Research, the number of TV sets connected to the internet will reach 965 million by 2020 – up from 103m at the end of 2010 and the 339m expected by the end of …

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Stuart O'ConnorAlmost 1bn TV sets will be online by 2020

Britons still prefer to watch television live – on their TVs

As our “second” screens get smaller while our TV screens get larger, it seems that the old adage that “bigger is better” just might hold true. Some new research has shown that despite the growth in watching television via a PC, tablet or smartphone, 90 per cent of viewers still regularly use the TV to watch their content live – …

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Stuart O'ConnorBritons still prefer to watch television live – on their TVs

Netflix now in 10% of British homes

Streaming film and television service Netflix is now hooked up to more than three million British households. A report in the Daily Telegraph says that the new figure means more than one in 10 households have joined the service, and signals a rise in take-up over the past year. The report says that Netflix is well ahead of its nearest …

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Stuart O'ConnorNetflix now in 10% of British homes

BBC to trial Ultra-HD

The BBC's Research and Development department has announced that it will trial Ultra-High Definition (UHD) broadcasts this summer. The broadcaster says that In a series of closed trials, BBC R&D will work with its strategic research partner, Arqiva – as…

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Stuart O'ConnorBBC to trial Ultra-HD