App store for Google's Chrome OS showcased at I/O conference

Gerald Lynch Google, Tech Digest news 4 Comments

Google have been showcasing an app store for the Chrome OS at their annual I/O conference. With web based applications central to Google's Chrome OS, the app store briefing was a tantalising look at the heart of the incoming operating…

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Android phones now beginning to outsell iPhone

Gerald Lynch Apple, Google, Mobile phones, Tech Digest news 3 Comments

It may have been relatively slow out of the blocks, but smartphones running Google's Android OS outsold the iPhone for the first time ever during the first quarter of 2010, a new report by the NPD shows. During the first…

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Google's Goggles app gets translation abilities

Gerald Lynch Android apps, Google, Mobile phones, Tech Digest news 1 Comment

One of Google's most talked about Android apps, Goggles, has been given a significant upgrade that now allows its users to translate foreign languages using their handset's camera. Point your Android phone at any piece of text in either English,…

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Sony and Intel to reveal "DragonPoint" powered Google TV?

Gerald Lynch Google, HDTV, Tech Digest news, TVs Leave a Comment

Like some sort of tech Holy Trinity, Sony, Intel and Google are rumoured to be working together on a Google TV, with official details of the project expected to be revealed next month. All three companies are scheduled to meet…

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Samsung considering Android-based Google TVs

Gerald Lynch 3D TV, Android apps, Apple, Google, HDTV, Tech Digest news, TVs Leave a Comment

Samsung are said to be considering developing a new line of TVs that would run Google's Android OS. After successfully launching their brand new range of 3D TVs, which have completely sold out in the company's home territory of Korea,…

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Vodafone to stock the Google Nexus One from April 30th

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Vodafone have today announced that they will be carrying Google's flagship Nexus One handset from April 30th. Pre-order the handset on a £35 per month/ 24 month contract and you'll not only be the first Vodafone customers to get…

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Today is the fifth birthday of the first ever YouTube video upload

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Though those of you with an eidetic memory may recall that YouTube's birthday is officially February 14th 2005, it wasn't until April 23rd 2005 that any videos were actually uploaded. So today we're celebrating the fifth birthday of the…

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