Hands on with the Roto Motorised VR gaming platform – could it be about to change VR gaming?

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A new VR product is hoping to take Oculus Rift gaming out of the “Cone of Comfort” and into give gamers a full 360-degree experience. Roto is a motorised seat base that will move with you when you’re wearing a VR headset and allow you to fully explore 3D worlds. The creators of Roto argue…

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Microsoft promises E3 “surprises”

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Microsoft is planning "surprises" and "innovation" for this year's E3. Quelle surprise! Pretty much everyone is reporting this via Gamespot, which has relayed the comments of Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg speaking on the Inner Circle Podcast. What's astonishing is how Greenberg manages to say absolutely nothing and somehow that is still a story. Here's a taster…

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The UK Top 10 video games chart for Xbox One, PS4, Wii U and PC: The Order 1886 knocks Evolve from the top spot

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Another new release comes straight in at No.1 for a second successive week – last week saw a No.1 launch for Evolve and this week it is Sony’s turn to debut at No.1 with PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886. The game was developed by Ready at Dawn Studios, known for PSP Daxter and…

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