Qantas and Virgin loosen their in-flight phone rules

The airlines Qantas and Virgin Australia will now allow passengers to keep phones and other electronic devices powered on during flights. Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority has approved applications from both airlines that will allow passengers to keep their phones, tablets and e-readers on even during take-off and landing. The devices will need to remain in “flight mode” throughout the …

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Stuart O'ConnorQantas and Virgin loosen their in-flight phone rules

Human-like skin for aircraft under development

A so-called “smart skin” – made up of tens of thousands of tiny sensors – could be fitted to future aircraft so that they can “feel” changes in speed, temperature, physical strain and movement. The system, which is being developed by BAE System’s Advanced Technology Centre in Essex, will also allow the exterior of aircraft to “feel” damage or injury …

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Stuart O'ConnorHuman-like skin for aircraft under development

Meet Simon: the world’s first ‘smartphone’ turns 20

OK, so the term ‘smartphone’ wasn’t actually around when IBM released the Simon in August of 1994, but it was easily the smartest mobile phone of its day. The Simon Personal Communicator was was a handheld, touchscreen mobile phone, designed and engineered by IBM and the American cellular company Belself. It was the first gadget to combine the functions of …

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Stuart O'ConnorMeet Simon: the world’s first ‘smartphone’ turns 20

WATCH: 1024 robots swarm together

Yesterday we showed you the terrifying implications of robotics, and with that in mind, perhaps here’s a reason to get even more worried: The robots are getting organised. The CBC has been reporting on an attempt by Harvard University to build robots that can work together to form shapes: Think like how fish can swim together in a school, or …

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James O'MalleyWATCH: 1024 robots swarm together

LightFreq wifi lightbulb with built in speaker smashes Kickstarter goal

A crazy new wifi lightbulb called LightFreq has smashed its Kickstarter goal of $50,000 by raising (at time of writing) over $84,000 – with over 23 days to go. LightFreq calls itself “the lovechild of Phillips Hue and Jambox Boom”, and is certainly an unusual combination of technologies. First and foremost it is a lightbulb – albeit on that connects …

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James O'MalleyLightFreq wifi lightbulb with built in speaker smashes Kickstarter goal

Microsoft could be about to make GoPro videos AMAZING

Check out this video from Microsoft Research, which has come up with a technology that it calls “Hyperlapse” – which could make videos shot on devices like GoPro cameras look even better. The problem is pretty straightforward: If you shoot your bike ride or whatever on a GoPro, if you speed it up to show the whole journey it will …

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James O'MalleyMicrosoft could be about to make GoPro videos AMAZING

Microsoft loses $400m on Xbox One

In news that will no doubt please Sony, Microsoft – which spent $2.1 billion producing and marketing the Xbox One – has reported a loss of $400 million (£238m) since launching the console in November last year. The Independent reports that the news comes from Microsoft’s annual earnings report for 2014, and shows the loss is directly from the increased …

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Stuart O'ConnorMicrosoft loses $400m on Xbox One

Xbox One digital TV tuner coming in October

Xbox One owners in Europe will soon be able to ditch their separate digital set-top box, if they have one. Microsoft has announced that from October, the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner will be available in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The company says that the tuner will provide users with an over-the-air digital terrestrial TV experience through …

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Stuart O'ConnorXbox One digital TV tuner coming in October

Apple TV beta gets an iOS 7-style makeover

Apple has released a new beta version of its Apple TV platform, and its look borrows heavily from the design of iOS 7. As you can see from the image above, the redesign sees a new emphasis on colours with flatter, less-glossy icons and a slightly simpler design that reflects iOS 7 on the iPhone and iPad. The on-screen fonts …

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Stuart O'ConnorApple TV beta gets an iOS 7-style makeover

Chip-maker giving away ‘free’ smartphone speakers

Are you more interested in spending your hard-earned cash on junk food than on buying new technology? Well, here comes an offer that could be right up your street. Almost-potato chip-maker Pringles has released a limited edition speaker that people can send away for when they buy two promotional cans of its product. To get speakers, Pringles buyers need to …

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Stuart O'ConnorChip-maker giving away ‘free’ smartphone speakers