XSories launches the Power CapXule for photographers

Chris Price Cameras, Gadgets Leave a Comment

Want to charge batteries on the move? Billed as the the ultimate accessory for on-the-go photographers, the XSories CapXule is a storage case that also charges batteries. The CapXule ensures you are always fully loaded and ready to shoot wherever you are, while also providing a solution to carry your entire camera kit. Thanks to  a compact 2800mAh…

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Elon Musk promises to end Tesla “range anxiety” on Thursday

James O'Malley Car stuff, Energy & Efficiency, Gadgets Leave a Comment

Hmmmmmm. No, that's not an impression of a combustion engine, but the sound of some pretty intense scepticism towards Elon Musk's latest Twitter pronouncement. The billionaire CEO of Tesla Motors has promised a software update that will fix "range anxiety" on his electric car range. Range anxiety is, of course, the nagging feeling at the…

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