Opinion: Genuine Apple fan seeks exciting Apple Keynote

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I was hoping to write a glowing report of Steve Jobs’ Macworld 2008 keynote presentation yesterday, but (even as an ardent Apple fan) I have found myself disappointed.

Granted, it was always going to be difficult for Apple to eclipse last year’s iPhone announcement, but I felt myself wanting more.

Maybe I’m getting too old, but I find myself desiring function much more than form. Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that the product announcement I was most impressed with was the Time Capsule. That’s pretty sad in itself, because it amounts to not much more than an upgraded Airport Extreme with a large hard drive in it, and existing software built in to OS X Leopard.

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Opinion: Is Apple a bigger danger to our lives than Microsoft?

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Jon_smal.gifJonathan Weinberg writes… I thought I could rely on Apple so this morning I awoke to disappointment in Steve Jobs after his Macworld announcements yesterday. I was sure he’d launch a new iPhone with either 3G or bigger storage memory, thus annoying the FOUR MILLION people who have now, like cult followers, signed up to the iPhone religion.

But it was a clever move. Save that announcement for a couple of months time, and bring a second-generation device out around a year after the first and no-one can have any complaints… can they? After all, technology is always changing and those of us who spend fortunes on gadgets and gizmos, only to see them bettered just weeks later, are fools of our own making. I do it, as much as you…

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Macworld Expo 2008: MacBook Air hands on

Alexandra Roumbas Macworld 2008 3 Comments

I'm letting the video speak for itself! Pictures after the jump. Impressions:

– Ridiculously light
– Keypad feels normal and usable (looks slightly odd, but in a nice way)
– Touchpad smooth as ice
– Backlit LED screen beautifully bright and not as small as you might think
– Totally covetable (as if you didn't know)

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Macworld 2008 Keynote: MacBook Air, Apple TV 2.0, iTunes Movie Rentals…

Stuart Dredge Macworld 2008 5 Comments


The dust is settling from Steve Jobs’ Macworld 2008 keynote, which was lacking in new iPhones, but had plenty of other big announcements to chew over. The unveiling of the MacBook Air super-slim notebook was the highlight, measuring just 0.76 inches at its thickest point, but offering a 13.3-inch screen, 80GB hard drive, and Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

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Macworld 2008: Digital Copy for iTunes makes DVDs iPod-friendly

Stuart Dredge iPod, Macworld 2008 4 Comments

itunes-digital-copy.jpgApple and Twentieth Century Fox used Steve Jobs’ Macworld 2008 keynote to announce a new technology called Digital Copy for iTunes. In short, when you buy a compatible DVD, you’ll get a free digital copy of the film, which can be transferred to your iTunes library, and from there played on your PC or Mac, or transferred to an iPod or iPhone.

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Macworld 2008: Apple launches Time Capsule wireless backup system

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apple_time_capsule.jpgSteve Jobs today announced a new hardware and software combo designed to make backing up multiple Macs over a wireless network as painless as possible.

The Time Capsule hardware is a revamped 802.11n Wi-Fi base station (Airport Extreme) with a built in server grade hard drive with either 500GB or 1TB capacity.

Introduced by Jobs as a much more convenient way of backing up notebook Macs (no-one wants the hassle of connecting cables to an external hard drive, he said) but usable by any OS X Leopard-equipped Macs.

Software-wise, it utilises the Time Machine functionality introduced in Leopard.

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