Shiny Video Preview: Ash looks at Sony's DSC-200/S digital camera at IFA

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Still rolling out the videos from IFA last week, this one shows our very own Ashley Norris with Sony’s new DSC-200/S digital camera, complete with a Smile Shutter mode to help ensure beaming smiles in all your photos. All together now – cheese!…

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Top five IFA 2007 stories from Tech Digest

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IFA is well and truly over, with most Berlin-bound geeks back in their natural habitats, in our case, Shiny Towers. If you missed our coverage last week, and over the weekend, here are the top five most news-worthy stories. Expect these products to be rolled out over the next few months.

1.) LG’s ‘Design Art’ LCD TVs
– two models, the LF75, LB75, with the first model coming in 1080p Full HD and 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and the latter model packing a still-impressive 720p/1080i and 8,000:1 contrast ratio. Three HDMI 1080p inputs and LG’s Intelligent Eye technology which ‘optimises brightness and contrast according to ambient light’ are also included…

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HD DVD player manufacturers to drop prices

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venturer_shd7000_hd_dvd_player.jpgAs mentioned at Toshiba/HD DVD’s IFA press conference, a number of manufacturers are set to drop the prices of their current and new HD DVD players, with entry level machines now coming in at around €300 (£200-ish).

Oliver Van Wynendaele, a manager in Toshiba’s HD DVD group, said that was around half the current prices.

Heading up the cheap-n-cheerful crop of new players is the Ventura SHD7000, though it’s worth noting that it won’t play every high definition format, bombing out short of HD’s 1080p holy grail. Still, not bad if you’re on a budget.

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