Will laser projection see 3D films finally be a success?

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One of the most common complaints about 3D films is that they tend to be too dark - partly due to having to wear those glasses. One solution being worked on is a glasses-free 3D system - which, for most filmgoers, is the preferred option. But in the meantime, a new system from projector maker…

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Apple releases tool to remove free U2 album from iTunes accounts

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One of the major announcements at Apple's iPhone 6 launch last week was the band U2 giving iTunes users around the world a free copy of their new album, Songs of Innocence. The internet went into meltdown, with many people expressing displeasure and even outrage that a band they disliked would give them a free…

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Destiny review roundup

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The PS4 beta version of Bungie's space-based online shooter Destiny didn't exactly blow away Tech Digest editor James when he gave it a shot back in July. But the finished game was let loose on the public this week – early word says that it's already made distributor Activision more than $500 million in sales to…

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Google testing Project Wing drone delivery service

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Amazon is not the only company investigating the possibility of using drones to deliver goods to customers – now search giant Google is testing a drone delivery system. Google is conducting tests on Project Wing, a delivery-by-drone service, in Australia. The project is being developed by Google X, the company's Califfornia-based tech research branch which is…

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Like Google, Microsoft tips off police on child porn

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Google isn’t alone in its scanning for child porn - Microsoft is also keeping its cyber-eyes peeled. The BBC reports that a tip-off from Microsoft has led to the arrest of a man in Pennsylvania who has been charged with receiving and sharing child abuse images. Microsoft informed the National Center for Missing and Exploited…

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William Shatner is not a fan of Facebook Mentions

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It's Facebook, Jim, but not quite as you like it. Canadian actor William Shatner — variously famous as eccentric lawyer Denny Crane on Boston Legal, beat cop TJ Hooker, womanising starship captain James T Kirk and a "singer" — is, unlike most 83-year-olds, quite a dab hand at social media. And he's not backward in…

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‘Gamin’ Post: Is Technology Ruining Rugby Union?

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Since eventually turning professional nearly 20 years ago, rugby union has led the way in terms of incorporating technology into both the coverage of the game and its officiating. With ‘ref-cams’ giving fans an officials-eye view of the game and microphones allowing both spectators and TV viewers an opportunity to hear the interactions between players…

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