XSories launches the Power CapXule for photographers

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Want to charge batteries on the move? Billed as the the ultimate accessory for on-the-go photographers, the XSories CapXule is a storage case that also charges batteries. The CapXule ensures you are always fully loaded and ready to shoot wherever you are, while also providing a solution to carry your entire camera kit. Thanks to  a compact 2800mAh…

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Drone photography is getting standardised lenses – brilliant!

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Interesting news this morning as it has emerged that drone maker DJI, which makes the high-end Phantom series of drones has signed up to Olympus and Panasonic's "Micro Four Thirds" lens standard. Micro Four Thirds is an attempt to standardise lenses across different manufacturers of mirrorless cameras - so that you can use Olympus lenses…

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HTC adds live YouTube streaming to Re camera

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Remember HTC's periscope-like "RE" camera? The company has announced an update to the app which supports it, enabling live streaming from the camera straight to YouTube. It sounds rather clever. The idea is that you setup GoPro-alike camera, then connect to it via bluetooth on your phone - then the app will broadcast the pictures…

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GoPro Hero4 gets a firmware upgrade – now you can shoot slow-mo at 240fps

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GoPro has announced a software upgrade for its Hero4 camera, bringing even better slow motion recording capabilities to the device, and more. According to Engadget the upgrade enables recording at 240fps at 720p - a bit like the iPhone 6 can do. Shooting at 2.7K has also been boosted to 60fps (up from 50fps), which…

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Canon announces new PowerShot and IXUS models

Stuart O'Connor Camcorders, Cameras, CES 2015, Gadgets, Wi-Fi Leave a Comment

Canon has announced a range of new cameras at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company unveiled three new superzoom PowerShots, plus the PowerShot N2, along with three new compact IXUS cameras. The new superzoom PowerShot SX530 HS features 50x optical zoom and 100x ZoomPlus, while the pocket-sized PowerShot SX710 HS has…

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Canon “Connect Station” will store your photos together, and help them get on TV

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Canon has announced the addition of the Connect Station CS100 to its range of camera accessories. The device is a combination of back-up storage and TV photo viewer - so you can easily zap your photos on to the TV. The way it works is that after you've taken some photos, simply tap your NFC-enabled…

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