How Star Trek predicted the future

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Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was a visionary man. He foresaw a future in which humanity had learned to live together in peace and harmony. A future in which the people of Earth had joined forces with alien races to…

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Zappar bring augmented reality features to Angry Birds and Cut The Rope kids' annuals

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Augmented reality app experts Zappar have teamed up publisher Pedigree Books to launch a range of interactive books for kids. The "Super Interactive Annuals 2014" line will feature a number of titles based on properties including Angry Birds, Cut the…

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Xbox One could get Oculus Rift style glasses, suggests new patent

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The Xbox One may be set to get a head-mounted display accessory, after a newly unearthed patent adds wieght to the rumours from last year that Microsoft were working on a set of "Fortaleza Glasses". The patent, called the "Multiplayer…

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Comic Relief brings Red Nose Day 2013 ads to life with augmented reality app Zappar

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This year Comic Relief are bringing its Red Nose Day 2013 advertising to life with augmented reality (AR) technology. Having enlisted the help of AR app Zappar, people will be able to discover bonus features and videos of Comic Relief's…

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