Developer annoyed by Instagram’s Layout app stealing his name

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Mike Swanson is an independent developer who in 2012 published an app called "Layout", which lets you combine multiple photos into one. Fast-forward to 2015 and Instagram (which is owned by Facebook, don't forget) publishes a new app that lets you combine multiple photos into one, and called it... Umm... Layout. As you might expect,…

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Hailocab tries to convince people that talking to cab drivers is a plus point

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Taxi app Hailocab is worried. Whilst it relies on expensive and well organised black cab drivers for its services, rival Uber (controversially) does away with the formalities, employing cheaper drivers. Worse still, one of the key investors is Google, which is working on driverless car technology, which could conceivably ultimately make Uber even cheaper and…

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Twitter complicit in portrait video crimes as it launches “Periscope” live streaming app

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Over the last few weeks, an app called Meerkat has been the hot new trend on Twitter. What it does is stream live video from your phone - and is fully integrated with Twitter so you can see who is watching, and receive alerts as soon as anyone you follow begins streaming. It has grown…

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Hate calling customer service? Soon you’ll be able to do it over Facebook Messenger

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It was a big night for Facebook last night as over at its "F8" developers conference Mark Zuckerberg announced some big additions to Facebook Messenger. The big new addition is that businesses will be able to use the app to talk directly to customers - perhaps (hopefully) replacing the need for hours wasted on hold,…

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