How clone apps are making the world a worse place

When Flappy Bird took the world by storm earlier this year, it perhaps understandably overwhelmed creator Dong Nguyen who hadn’t expected his little game to receive millions of downloads. A few days after it made it big (many months after it first hit the app store), he pulled it from iOS and Android… a few days after that (approximately) ten …

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James O'MalleyHow clone apps are making the world a worse place

Apple already readying iPhone *6S* chip for production?

We’re now less than a month away from when we’re expecting to hear about the iPhone 6 – perhaps even the release of the iPhone 6 itself, but it appears Apple may be looking even further forward, to the production of the iPhone 6S. According to Know Your Mobile, the “A9″ chip will be entering mass production in China in …

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James O'MalleyApple already readying iPhone *6S* chip for production?

iPhone 6 taking design cues from iPad Air?

The latest iPhone 6 leak shows that it could be taking hardware design inspiration from its bigger brother. Check out this photo – as posted by Tom’s Hardware that shows a redesigned case – looking more rounded, and more like the iPad Air. Compare to the below: Making the design consistent like this would not be at all surprising – …

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James O'MalleyiPhone 6 taking design cues from iPad Air?

Google release “Photo Sphere” app for iPhone

Google has released a clever little app for iPhone that lets you take 360-degree panoramic photos. The app, which has been available for some time on Android, appears pretty simply – and rather similar to other 360-degree photo apps: Simply use the rear camera and as you move it around, the app will stitch photos together, eventually completing the view. …

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James O'MalleyGoogle release “Photo Sphere” app for iPhone

Tom Hanks’ free iPad typewriter app hits no.1 on App Store

Remember that classic scene in the film Big — the film that really launched Tom Hanks’ big-screen career — in which he plays Chopsticks by dancing on the giant piano keys? Well, now keys of another kind have also proved a big success for the Oscar-winning actor. His manual typewriter simulator app for the iPad — called Hanx Writer — launched last …

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Stuart O'ConnorTom Hanks’ free iPad typewriter app hits no.1 on App Store

Reversable USB on the iPhone 6 lightning cable?

Good news for… well, humanity really. According to well known leaker Sonny Dickson the next iteration of Apple’s Lightning Connector will feature a reversible USB plug, at long last putting an end to that annoying thing where you have to try to plug the USB in three times before it will work. Reversible USB port on the new Lightning cables! …

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James O'MalleyReversable USB on the iPhone 6 lightning cable?

Tech industry ice-bucket challenge round-up

Today might mark peak ice bucket. The campaign to raise awareness of ALS has certainly worked, and is said to have raised several million dollars for a good cause. Perhaps more importantly though, it has led to a bunch of well known faces dunking water over themselves. Here’s a selection of tech world celebrities taking part: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella …

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James O'MalleyTech industry ice-bucket challenge round-up

Is Apple planning a TouchID accessory for Macs and older iPads?

Everyone is expecting the iPhone 6 and next iPads to have built in TouchID fingerprint recognition – but could Apple be thinking even bigger than that? According to Patently Apple, which spends its time digging around documents filed to the patent office, Apple could be working on TouchID accessories for other devices too. There’s talk in the document about a …

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James O'MalleyIs Apple planning a TouchID accessory for Macs and older iPads?

iPhone scam sees staff ‘steal $500,000′

An alleged iPhone scam has led to the arrest of seven Apple Store staff in Florida. The seven staff members have been accused of helping criminals steal more than $500,000 (£299,500) from the company by replacing stolen devices. According to The Register, the plot involved thieves bringing stolen iPhones to the store where the staff would then exchange them for …

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Stuart O'ConnoriPhone scam sees staff ‘steal $500,000′

Asking Siri about advice after a murder is not a good idea

Pedro Bravo is currently on trial in Florida for allegedly kidnapping and strangling a friend in 2012. Whilst the outcome isn’t yet decided (Bravo denies it, and the trial continues), Sky News is reporting on the story for a very different reason: After allegedly committing the crime, Bravo allegedly asked Siri to recommend the best places to hide the body: …

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James O'MalleyAsking Siri about advice after a murder is not a good idea