Tweetbot for Mac taken down after it hits user limit as Twitter continues to try to kill Twitter

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Utterly maddening news this afternoon as it has emerged that desktop Twitter client Tweetbot for Mac has been pulled from the Mac app store after it hit the limit Twitter allows for the maximum number of users. According to The Guardian, Twitter had previously set a maximum limit on the number of users that third…

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Processors for the iPhone 7 expected to be made by… Umm… Samsung

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The next version of Apple's iPhone - which we expect to be called either the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S - will apparently have its innards manufactured by arch-rivals Samsung. The news comes via MK Business News, which explains that the A9 processor will be made by the Korean firm instead of Taiwan's TMSC, which…

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Apple iMac concept design inspired by the original Macintosh computer

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Older readers will remember the early days of the Apple Macintosh computer - the 128K computer that was released in January of 1984. The original Apple Macintosh PC - with its beige case and built-in, 9-inch black-and-white CRT monitor - was considered ultra-modern and pretty powerful back then. It ran on a Motorola 68000 microprocessor…

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Check out TextBlade – a tiny physical keyboard for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

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Want a bluetooth keyboard for your phone but don't want to carry around anything too bulky? Then TextBlade might be the perfect solution. BGR got the scoop, showing the keyboard that is made up of only 8 separate keys - but still manages to offer a full size keyboard by using multitouch. Cleverly, it all…

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The Digest: Facebook restricts violent videos… and 4 other things people are talking about today

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Facebook restricts violent video clips and photos | BBC News "Facebook has begun placing warnings over videos posted to its site, stating their contents might 'shock, offend and upset' if viewed. The alerts prevent the videos from automatically playing in feeds unless they are clicked, unlike other clips. The site is also preventing…

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