Newspapers on your wrist – does The Guardian Apple Watch app show us the future?

Ashley Norris Apple, Smartwatches Leave a Comment

There's nothing media companies love more than a new technology platform. Mobile phones were going to save the whole newspaper industry, and then when the iPad launched it spawned thousands of tablet editions of magazines. Are you still reading them? Probably not. So right now there is a huge buzz about the impending launch of…

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“ALSO shot on iPhone 6″ parody adverts appear in San Francisco

James O'Malley Apple, Mobile phones Leave a Comment

You must have seen the adverts by now. Apple's latest marketing stunt for the iPhone 6 is to put up billboard adverts and poster advertisements showing photos purported taken simply using the iPhone 6. Now, it seems some pranksters are helping make things a little bit more... realistic. According to The Bold Italic the people…

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