Is Microsoft making a back-up plan by investing in Cyanogen?

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Perhaps the most intriguing news of the day is that Microsoft has bought a minority investment in Cyanogen Inc - the company that is behind the popular Android "fork" CyanogenMod. CyanogenMod doesn't come as standard on normal Android phones - instead it is an open source alternative to Google's version of Android that can be…

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Android Lollipop now available for HTC One M8 in the UK and Europe

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Good news for British HTC One M8 owners - you have a software update! According to HTC's Jeff Gordon, the Lollipop update has hit today, meaning that you can finally install Google's latest operating system. HTC One (M8) owners in Europe, have a sweet tooth this morning? Check your software updates!— Jeff Gordon (@urbanstrata) January…

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Samsung Galaxy A5 and A3 coming to O2 in the UK in February

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O2 has announced that it will be launching the Samsung Galaxy A5 and A3 on its network in February. The new phones are mid-range by Samsung standards, but have slick metal exteriors. Here's how O2 describes the launch: "The A5 handset, available in Midnight Black and Pearl White, has a 5” SuperAMOLED compact screen with…

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Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S Edge names confirmed

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A slip-up by Vodafone Netherlands has revealed that Samsung's next flagship phones will be known as the Galaxy S6 (surprise, surprise) and the Galaxy S Edge. The news comes via Slashgear, which reports that a placeholder has been spotted in the Dutch Vodafone website's source code: Hidden from public view, but ready to be set…

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Facebook Lite will let you avoid installing Facebook Messenger

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For some reason, everyone hates Facebook Messenger - the company's separate messaging app that it now forces you to install on your phone if you want to chat to your mates. The good news is that with the launch of Facebook Lite, the company may just have provided a work-around. Facebook Lite is supposed to…

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Meet Animin, the new digital friend with an AR twist

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Remember the Tamagotchi, the Japanese handheld digital pet that was all the rage in the 1990s? Since then, digital or virtual pets have come in all shapes and sizes, from web- or software-based to handdheld units similar to the Tamagotchis. Well, now say hi to the Animin, a new digital pet for phones and tablets…

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