Promotional: Why is big tournament football technology so patchy?

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The 2014 World Cup in Brazil was, without question, the most technologically advanced ever. In short, it was the first seriously competitive international tournament to employ technology in a number of new ways – the most obvious being goal-line technology of course. And with so much at stake in major football competitions these days, it…

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Solve cyber secret to have a crack at joining code-breakers

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Turing at the time of his election to Fellowship of the Royal Society. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Fancy yourself as the next Alan Turing, the code breaker who deciphered encyrpted messages sent by the German Enigma machine in World War…

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Talk Talk meets business needs without them having to purchase expensive technology

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Sponsored post Many small and medium sized businesses find themselves in a tricky situation today. They need to expand their IT and communications offerings, but don't have the technical staff or the expertise to achieve this.One reason for this is…

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