WATCH: 3D Printed Saxophone

If you’re wondering just how good 3D printing can be now check out this video from Prof Olaf Diegel at Lund University, who has printed himself a saxophone. Apparently the Alto Sax is made of 41 separately printed parts and weighs 25% less than a normal instrument. As he says in the video – it isn’t perfect, but it is …

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James O'MalleyWATCH: 3D Printed Saxophone

Gadget Show Live: Previewing the Robox 3D Printer

Today we're at Gadget Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham, and one of the exhibitors there is an intriguing 3D printing company called Robox, whose first products are shipping to Kickstarter backers in the next couple of weeks. Unlike…

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James O'MalleyGadget Show Live: Previewing the Robox 3D Printer