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It's been a long time coming but now it seems pretty certain that September 10th will be the day that Apple unveils its next iPhone, the 5S and possibly a new mid-range model, the iPhone 5C.

It has been rumoured as the big day and now US blog All Things D is saying that a very reliable source has confirmed it.

The day will be a huge one in Apple's history with the iPhone under attack not just from Samsung, but also increasingly from Sony too. The company will need to pull something pretty special out of the bag.

The rumours are that it will debut the iPhone 5S which may have a fingerprint sensor and an enhanced camera. There are even rumours that Apple will increase the size of the screen to keep up with the current Phablet trends.

Also heavily rumoured is a budget version of the iPhone dubbed the iPhone 5C which is expected to offer fewer features than the iPhone 5 and come with a plastic casing and a cheaper price tag.

KGI analyst Ming-chi Kuo says that the iPhone 5C will cost between £230 and £320 for the SIM free model. 

Kuo also thinks that the new mobile will debut in China first with the rest of the world following later in the year. He suggest that China will get the handset in October and that the rest of the world including the UK will see it later in Q4 - which in theory means late October/early November.

Meanwhile 9to5 Mac which broke the Kuo story is saying that some sources think that the new Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will be in the stores in late September. 

According to them both of Apple's next-generation iPhones will rollout in Japan on Friday, September 20th, according to a report from Nikkei. With the "iPhone 5S" and plastic iPhone 5C scheduled to be introduced at a September 10th media event, a September 20th launch isn't surprising.</em>

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kutcher-jobs.jpgCould this ever have possibly ended well? When Ashton Kutcher was first cast as Apple visionary Steve Jobs for the silver screen biopic jOBS, the choice was met with almost universal skepticism. Now, on the eve of the movie's general release, a raft of critic reviews have painted the movie as, at best, mediocre. Rather than following in the footsteps of recent successful biopics such as Lincoln or Behind the Candelabra, jOBS is being described as closer to something akin to "Dude, Where's My iPod?".

Sitting currently at a Metacritic score of 42 out of 100 (based on 28 critic scores) the general apathy towards the film is best summed up by the Philadelphia Inquirer's Steven Rea, describing jOBS as "a just-the-facts - and fiddling-with-the-facts - dramatization, forgoing any kind of deeper psychological exploration of the man and his motivations, his demons and dreams."

The New York Daily News's Joe Neumaier was more forgiving, calling the movie "entertaining and smart, with a great, career 2.0 performance from Ashton Kutcher."

By far the most damning review comes from Slant Magazine's R. Kurt Osenlund, who awards the movie zero-stars. "Steered by a lead actor and director, Joshua Michael Stern, who are both way out of their respective leagues, Jobs is excruciating, failing to entertain and all but pissing on its subject's grave," reads the critique.

A last-resort Netflix view at best then, it would appear wise to avoid the jOBS cinema release and catch it on DVD instead, or better still, pick up Walter Isaacsson's biography.

jOBS goes on general release across the US on August 16. The movie currently does not have a UK release date.

lin-iphone-5c.jpgFool me once Jimmy Lin, but fool me twice? No dice. The Taiwanese pop star, actor and former racing car driver with a penchant for getting his hands on "legit" Apple products ahead of release is at it again, this time posing for a selfie with what's claimed to be the budget-friendly iPhone 5C.

Posted to Weibo, It certainly looks similar to previous leaks for the rumoured handset we've seen, with it's white plastic rounded casing and camera placement. He even pictures it alongside an iPhone 5 for posterity.

But that Lin's a tricksy fellow - we saw straight through his pre-iPad Mini "iPad Mini" knock-off photo, for starters. Why the hell would Apple let this guy get early access to their devices ahead of anyone else in the entire world? Even if one had snuck off a production line somewhere it'd be highly unlikely that it'd make its way first into the hands of a locally-famous person.

Going by the previous iPad Mini shot, we'd say Lin has some decent connections in the fake Apple device black market, and nothing more.

iPhone-5-official-09.pngThe "S" updates to the Apple iPhone line tend to be mostly refinements of the previous year's design rather than a reinvention, and this Autumn's anticipated iPhone 5S device (expected to launch on September 10) looks to be no different. KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, noted for being pretty accurate when it comes to predicting what's going to come off of Apple's production lines has laid out what he expects to see from the iPhone 5S launch, suggesting Apple still have a few surprises up their sleeves at least.

As has been long rumoured, Kuo believes the handset will indeed come with a fingerprint scanner. He predicts that it will be embedded within the home button through sapphire glass - the most obvious placement given the increasing scarcity of bezel space on the iPhone line. Adding an extra layer of security to password protection, it's expected to play a part in iTunes and App Store purchase authentication, which could finally put to rest shock in-app purchase bills from kiddie iPhone gamers.

Storage options are expected to jump up to a giant 128GB for the first time too, reflecting the growing size of apps and the use of smartphones as media players, though the increasing prevalence of streaming services may make that last point redundant. Currently, the largest storage size available on iPhone is 64GB.

And while many have predicted that Apple will offer the iPhone 5S in every colour of the rainbow, Kuo dampened expectations a tad. He believes the iPhone 5S will be available in its usual black and white shades, as well as a new gold colour, presumably for the same crowd that think diamante phone cases make you look "big pimpin'".

Beyond Kuo's predictions, previous rumours have led us to expect the use of Apple's latest A7 system-on-chip design, using 1GB of LPDDR3 RAM , as well as a dual LED flash f2.0 aperture 8MP camera. iOS 7, the latest version of the Apple mobile OS, is a dead cert for inclusion too.

iPhone-5-official-06.pngFor a premium smartphone line, Apple's iPhones (and by extension their iPad tablets) are among an increasingly small group of top-end handsets not to feature NFC tech. However, a new patent filing from the Cupertino company suggests this may be set to change soon.

The patent, uncovered by Apple Insider, suggests Apple are looking to introduce a "gifting" option between iPhones and iPads. As well as detailing a system that would allow pals to give iTunes files as presents via email, the patent tellingly includes an option that would allow for the exchange to be carried out wirelessly over NFC too.

Rather than being able to freely trade items however, only locked purchases seem to be in Apple's plans, with Wi-Fi authentication needed to activate files on the recipients handset. If you're hoping that "gifting" would also include the trade of second-hand digital content, that doesn't look likely to feature, unsurprisingly.

As with all patents, there's no guarantee that the next-gen iPhone or iPad will come packing NFC, but this is a clear indication that Apple are considering it, and are already looking into unique ways to make money out of it to boot.

iwatch-concept-aug-top.pngWe've seen plenty of Apple iWatch concepts by this point, and while they're almost universally gorgeous, many of them look rather impractical in their design and thus unlikely to represent the final product, should Apple indeed be working on one. These latest designs however, put together by Stephen Olmstead and posted to The Verge forums, have, in our opinion, the most potential to reflect what Apple would likely do with their smart watch.

Favouring a simple, round faced design and a practical, sturdy and interchangeable leather strap, it's tasteful without eschewing the potential of an iOS-packing touchscreen.
iwatch-concept-aug-2.jpgOlmstead's designs also give an idea as to what sort of applications could feasible work on an iWatch. As well as messaging previews, calendar information and, obviously, a range of clock faces, his concept also offers up a camera embedded in the watch's chrome edging for FaceTime calls, as well as supporting Siri voice commands.

Reserved and practical, it looks to mirror Apple's own design ethos in many ways, and looks as though it could be manufactured relatively inexpensively. Should Apple reveal a connected wristwatch at some point, don't be surprised if it turns out to look something a little like this.

1-apple-TV_630.jpgIt may be just one of Apple's "hobby" product pursuits, but the company's freshly-inked acquisition of video recommendations site suggests Apple are still ploughing away at a smart TV.

Thought to have been bought up by Apple for between $1 million and $1.5 million, aggregates video content from across service, including Netflix, iTunes and Amazon, putting cross-platform recommendations at your fingertips and giving viewers a wide selection of viewing options.

Working as a second-screen iOS application (pulled from the App Store back in May, foreshadowing this confirmation of the purchase), it's likely that Apple are looking into integrating the service into a potential remote or navigation app for future Apple TV or iTV devices.

Apple's iPhone is pretty much the most lustworthy of all smartphone designs, bar maybe the HTC One. There's a premium feel to the build quality, and a tasteful design that makes it as much a fashion statement as functional gadget.

However, some are feeling Apple under Tim Cook aren't innovating at the same pace as they were under the late Steve Jobs, not least of all the investors breathing heavily down the latest CEO's neck.

What Tim Cook needs is a breakthrough iPhone design - something like these iPhone 6 wraparound screen concepts from Dribble artists Michael Shanks, Ali Rahmoun and Sebastian Scheer. While holding the phone (with software edge-housed buttons) may become problematic, the technology to pull this off is already in existence. And it'd make for one gorgeous smartphone.

iPad-Mini-01.pngNew iPad and iPad mini models are on the way, according to a new report from Bloomberg. And sooner than you may think too!

The report is pencilling in the two Apple slates for a release between October and December of 2013, just in time for Christmas, giving the company some breathing space between then and the expected September 10 launch of the new iPhone models.

Bloomberg are also corroborating reports previously offered by the WSJ on the design of the two slates. As many would hope, the iPad mini is said to be getting a high resolution Retina display (the one flaw in what many consider the titchy tablet's otherwise excellent design), while the full-fat iPad will retain its Retina display but take on a slimmed down form factor and chassis not unlike the current iPad mini model, albeit a few inches bigger.

The report also supports the earlier September 10 date as the iPhone's unveiling.

Though iPad rumours fly our way thick and fast, to have two highly reputable sources offer very similar information is a sign that perhaps there's some truth to this latest round of whispers. Of course, we'll have the full official details once Apple loosen their fused-shut lips.

tim-cook-apple-ceo1.jpgThe pressure is on for Apple CEO Tim Cook to push out a new line of innovative products according to Fox Business Network correspondent Charlie Gasparino, who claims that Apple's board is concerned about the speed of innovation under the latest Apple chief.

In the eyes of the Apple board, the company hasn't put a truly innovative product out since the original iPad, dating back to the late Steve Jobs tenure at the top back in spring 2010.

And while rumours of an iWatch and iTV continue to circulate, Apple are already being beaten to the punch by Android competitors in the case of the former, while the latter again is thought to be from a seed planted by Steve Jobs' TV "hobby".

"What have they had lately? They have had the iPad, they've had a few other things, but they don't have anything innovating from what came from Steve Jobs," said Gasparino.

"And that concern is basically manifesting into pressure on Tim Cook to innovate -- do something fast."

Tim Cook has repeatedly teased to expect big things from the second half of 2013, and the recent rumours of a September launch for the latest products in the iPhone line may give him some breathing room. But again, this are iterative products; the most dramatic product design Apple have pushed in recent times is the cylindrical Mac Pro, its release date as-yet-unrevealed, an entrant into the dying desktop market. No pressure then, Tim.

ios-7-apple-top.pngThe next wave of iPhone handsets will be revealed at an Apple event on September 10, according to a new report from AllThingsD.

Though, as you'd expect, the news has yet to be corroborated by Apple, AllThingsD have a top-notch track record when it comes to nailing the dates of Apple product launch events, not to mention the fact that the September 10 date lines up nicely with previous rumours and annual release cycles.

Both the iPhone 5S (set to be Apple's next premium handset) and the long-rumoured budget orientated iPhone 5C are expected to launch at the event, alongside iOS 7, the latest revision of the company's mobile operating system.

Despite a recent flood of leaks concerning the iPad line, there's no mention of Apple's tablet line featuring at the event in any way, continuing in the tradition of keeping the two product lines revealed separately.

A decent indication then of when to expect the next wave of Apple smartphones, we'll keep you posted with an official date once we receive it.

Apple iTV teased with new patent filing

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Apple_TV_fused_glass_patent_top.jpgA newly uncovered Apple patent suggests that the Cupertino iPhone makers still haven't forgotten about their living room aspirations, revealing a design that looks very much like the oft-rumoured Apple iTV.

Spotted by trademark spotters Patently Apple, the filing describes a fused glass back process for housing screen tech, not unlike that already employed in the iPhone 4S, and expected to feature again in future iPhone and iPod models.

Here though, the reference is specifically made to a television set.

Jony Ive and his team are listed as the patents creators, suggesting the hardware whizz is spreading his wings to living room devices as well as those that sit in your pocket or on your desk.

It's interesting to see Apple seemingly rolling back to a design used in an earlier iPhone handset rather than the iPhone 5 however (or whatever the iPhone 5S turns out to be) suggesting that this may now be an outdated patent. Though a glass-backed screen sounds attractive, experience with the design in iPhone handsets suggests its also weak and prone to smashing. Though a static device like TV shouldn't be as prone to drops and bumps as an on-the-go mobile, we'd hope that Apple have given the glass a bit of a toughening up before popping it into any possible TV set, especially considering how expensive it's likely to be.

As either, there's no official word from Apple regarding the patent, but we'll keep you posted should Apple ever get round to lifting the lid on their TV aspirations.

iPhone gaming apps! If the storm clouds gathering over our office are anything to go by, the summer's almost up and we'll all soon be hunkering down for some quality time with our favourite games. This year more than ever, we're increasingly finding that most of our favourite titles are on Apple's iPhone rather than other gaming platform. We've already revealed our top 10 best free iPhone games of the year so far, and now its time to turn our attention to the slew of top quality paid-for games released on the App Store over the first half of 2013. From Gemini Rue to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, 2013 is looking like a vintage iPhone gaming year.

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Alongside increasingly frequent leaks concerning the iPad 5, , whispers of Apple's "cheap" iPhone model are growing in volume, with the recently-christened iPhone 5C seeming more likely than ever to be next on Apple's produce unvieling schedule.

Today, we've got a fresh look on what's reported to be the casing for the iPhone 5C, captured on film by Japanese Apple blog MacOtakara.

Other than seeing the alleged handset casing alongside an iPhone 5, the video reveals little that we don't already (presume) to know - there's a curvy white plastic casing, with speaker grille placed on the bottom edge, looking slightly thicker than the the premium iPhone 5. It's as legitimate a leak as any other we've seen so far, with the iPhone 5C increasingly reminding us (in terms of looks) of the HTC One X.

Of course, the use of plastics in the design makes the iPhone 5C one of the easier Apple products of late to hoax, so we'll still take this one with a pinch of salt. But with the weight of leaks beginning to mount up, we're more inclined than ever to believe that a budget iPhone really is on its way.

We're coming up to a full year round since the launch of the iPad 4, and all eyes are now on what Apple will do next with their full-sized world beating tablet line. With leaks beginning to trickle in, Japanese Apple blog MacOtakara have posted a video of what they claim is the casing for the new iPad 5 model.

The video (embedded above) shows what appears to be the standard 9.7-inch format favoured by Apple's larger tablets, rather than the rumours of a larger 12.9 inch device that has been rumoured.

While the video offers little to go on in terms of specs, most interesting is the apparent influence of the iPad mini in this alleged iPad 5 case's design. Look at how thin those left and right hand side bezel edges are, and how much more angular and sharp the curve around into the back plate seems.

There's also interestingly the use of a transparent Apple logo on the rear of the case, though that is likely the by-product of being a prototype model, rather than any design change.

The slim-line bezel also lines up with earlier rumours that Apple were looking to shave as much as a third off the overall weight of the iPad 4 model.

Of course, it could simply be a hoax, but given the warm reception the iPad mini garnered, and Apple's need to show off an updated design for the iPad beyond it simply being a spec boost, this slimmer look is likely the route they will take.

iPad-Mini-08.pngNine months on from the launch of the original iPad mini, all eyes are now on what Apple will bring next to the successor of their small form factor tablet. Top of the list of most-wanted features will most certainly be a high-resolution Retina display, which is now highly tipped for inclusion according to a fresh Wall Street Journal report.

If true, it could mean the full-size iPad resolution of 2048x1536 pixels will be making its way to the smaller slate, just in time to give the full HD Google Nexus 7 2 a run for its money.

The report also claims that, following in the footsteps of the iPod touch line, the iPad mini would be available in a wide range of colours, likely mirroring the iPod touch's red, green, yellow, pink, purple, silver and dark grey shades.

Of course, this being prime time for rumours, there are counter takes on the forthcoming iPad mini also circulating. According to code strings uncovered in the recent iOS 7 beta by 9to5Mac, the iPad mini will land with an upgraded processor, likely an A6-based chip, but without the Retina display.

A processor upgrade is pretty much a given we'd say - it's an important progression to keep the tablet line up to the task of running the most demanding of apps. With the Nexus 7 2 sporting a high resolution display, and rumours of the Kindle Fire HD 2 doing the same, Apple would be putting its mini tablet line in a precarious position if it didn't follow suit.

Apple's MacBook Air range of notebooks are good at a great many things, but, through using Intel's built-in graphics options, they're not up to much when it comes to gaming.

That hasn't stopped one enterprising modder from taking it into his own hands to do something about it. Larry Gadea of the Tech Inferno forums has figured out a way to hook an external GPU up to his MacBook Air, giving it enough gaming chops to play through top titles such as Borderlands 2 and Crysis on high settings.

Hooking up a PCI Express video card (a Nvidia GTX 570) to the Mac's Thunderbolt port with two adapters, a Boot Camp installation of Windows 7 and a handful of third party drivers, he's made the MacBook Air into a capable gaming rig.

Check the video out above for a guide to how Gadea pulled it off.

REVIEW: MacBook Air 11-inch (2013)

foxconn-employees.jpgApple's cheap, plastic iPhone has been pretty much confirmed by a new undercover report originally intended to uncover labour rights violations at iPhone parts supplier Pegatron in China.

Undercover operatives working for the China Labor Watch were looking at practice in three factories owned by Apple supplier Pegatron. Focusing on workers hours, pay rate and working conditions, one of the operatives kept a diary about the experience of working undercover at the factory, and gave a revealing account of the materials being used. One entry reads:

"Today's work is to paste protective film on the iPhone's plastic back cover to prevent it from being scratched on assembly lines. This iPhone model with a plastic cover will soon be released on the market by Apple.

"The task is pretty easy, and I was able to work independently after a five-minute instruction from a veteran employee. It took around a minute to paste protective film on one rear cover. The new cell phone has not yet been put into mass production, so quantity is not as important. This makes our job more slow-paced than in departments that have begun mass production schedules."

A plastic back cover? On an iPhone? An iPhone that hasn't yet begun "mass production schedules"? It sounds as if the budget iPhone is indeed on its way. With the China Labor Watch being a non-profit organisation, there's little for the group to gain by circulating lies around Apple's product launches.

The report follows a slew of leaks regarding the cut-price rumoured Apple handset, including news that it may be called the iPhone 5C, and a few leaked photos reportedly of its plastic casing.

German blog iFun have put the launch of the cheap iPhone and premium iPhone 5S at a September 6 release. We'll bring all the official details as they arrive, so keep your peepers peeled.

iPhone-5C-white-case-rumour.jpgRe-mortgaging your house to buy the latest Apple smartphone could soon be a thing of the past, if rumours that the Cupertino company are planning to release a cheaper variant are to be believed. This morning we've already seen a leaked photo of packaging suggesting the handset could be called the iPhone 5C, and now we've potentially got a good, relatively-clear look at the what's said to be the phone's chassis.

Posted to Chinese site Weibo, the image shows a white plastic case for the handset, adorned with a black Apple logo, all the official American FCC stamps, a lightning charging port on the bottom and room for a headphone jack.

Now, it's totally possible (likely even) that this is a fake - putting together a plastic iPhone case takes far less effort than an aluminium one. You just have to look at the ridiculous amount of iPhone knock-offs and imitations flooding the Chinese black market to find that out. But the rumours are coming thick and fast now, and they all conform to the plastic casing spec that would likely drive the cost of the handset down. Where there's smoke, etc etc...

German blog iFun have tipped the launch of both the cheap iPhone and iPhone 5S to be pencilled in for September 6. We'll bring all the official details if ever Apple announce them.

macbook-pro-retina-top.jpgThis year's impressive MacBook Air has been given Intel's Haswell processor guts, and now all eyes turn to the Daddy of OS X laptops, the MacBook Pro, as to when it is its turn to get the upgrade. The latest reports suggest that the updated line may land as soon as October, as part of Apple's annual Autumn showcase.

China Times are reporting supply chain sources that are gearing up in preparation of manufacture of the new machines, with the good news being the suggestion that despite the spec boost, the line will retain its current (admittedly expensive) pricing structure.

Intel's Haswell chip proved a significant boost to the MacBook Air line (as you can read for yourself in our full review), considerably boosting the laptops battery life and graphics performance. With 4K support also included with Haswell, could we see a 4K Thunderbolt Display also launch?

All eyes will be on Apple this Autumn, with the company expected to launch a new iPhone 5S smartphone alongside a new budget smartphone offering, as well as these new laptop computers.

REVIEW: MacBook Air 11-inch (2013)

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