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skyxboxonethumb.png Sky

Xbox and Sky bolster video on demand options

Another confluence of news this morning as both Sky and Microsoft have announced enhancements to their on-demand video offerings. It was only a few months ago that Sky started individual on-demand rentals of new DVD releases, offering films that would...more

tab4thumb.png Android

Samsung and Lenovo announce new Android tablets

You wait for one Android tablet to come along... and a whole bunch of fairly similar devices come along at the same time. Samsung and South Korea have both officially announced new Android devices that both run KitKat, the latest...more

m8 thumb.png Android

Is the HTC One M8 too big for you? Mini version said to be coming soon

It seems like just last week that HTC released the HTC One M8... because it was almost exactly this time last week they did it. But it seems they're not finished yet - with a miniature version heading for release...more


Happy 15th Birthday to The Matrix - what is its tech legacy?

Want to feel old? This week in 1999 saw the release of The Matrix. Yes, that is fifteen years ago. An incredible amount of time for a film that is still the best film ever made (okay, I might be...more

run2.png Gaming

Run An Empire aims to gamify your daily run

A new mobile game called Run An Empire aims to combine the strategy of skill needed for the likes of Civilisation or Settlers of Catan with the real world - by turning your local area into the game board. The...more

hullcoin2.png Web 2.0

Not an April Fools joke: Hull launches its own cryptocurrency: "Hullcoin"

Hull City Council have launched a new Bitcoin-style cryptocurrency in the city and yes, surprisingly, this isn't an April Fools joke. After making enquiries, the council have confirmed to me that yes, it is definitely real. Stories started appearing yesterday...more

kindlehdx thumb.png

The Skep-Tech: Are e-books really in decline?

The BBC have today reported the words of Tim Waterstone, the founder of the Waterstones chain of bookshops. "E-books have developed a share of the market, of course they have", he is quoted as saying, "But every indication - certainly...more

tadothumb.png Internet Of Things

Tado thermostat coming to Dixons and Maplin next month

Not the sexiest of gadgets, I admit - but still cool (or, rather, nicely warm) news. Tado, the wifi thermostat company have announced their clever new device will be available on the shelves of two major British retailers from next...more

eichthumb.png Web 2.0

Will Mozilla regret their new CEO decision?

There's a huge cultural shift taking place in the western world, as slowly but surely country after country are finally legalising equal marriage. You may have noticed the shift happen this weekend in Britain, when suddenly it was so that...more

fbmess.png Facebook

Facebook refresh messenger just in time for the weekend

Facebook have just pushed out an update to their Facebook Messenger app for iPhone - and have included a new feature for group messaging. They're clearly making a big push - it has been given its own tab on the...more

spidey.png Gaming

Could the new Spider-Man game beat the curse of the movie tie-in?

Okay so this is going to sound insane... but could the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 game for PS4, which is being made to tie in with the new film, actually be pretty good? Now don't get me wrong - I...more

palmerthumb.png Gaming

Oculus Rift co-founder responds to Facebook criticism

It must have been a weird few days for Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey. The 21 year old (yeah, sickening isn't it?) not only is a couple of billion dollars better off, but it must feel like the entire internet has...more

satyatumb.png Microsoft

Could Office for iPad mean the end for Windows on phones and tablets?

At a product briefing yesterday new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, to the surprise of nobody unveiled Microsoft Office for iPad. This is a big deal as Office is apparently used by a billion people worldwide - and given the iPad...more

sonicthumb.png Gaming

Sonic heads to Hyrule in new DLC

Whilst Sonic and his friend Mario have been getting on great together for a few years now (just don't mention the bad old days), Sonic and Link from the Legend of Zelda seems like a slightly less obvious fit. Bizarrely...more

dellthumb.png Microsoft

Could we see a Dell Xbox?

Microsoft and Dell have announced a fairly dull new agreement on sharing patents - but the weird suggestion in the press release implies that Dell could - if they wanted - make their own Xbox consoles. Essentially, the two companies...more

lout.png Gaming

Have we not heard the Last of The Last Of Us?

When The Last Of Us came out last year, it was seen as the PS3's last hurrah, and in some quarters is viewed as the greatest game of the last generation. So it's perhaps not surprising that given both the...more

goat2.png Gaming

Yes, Goat Simulator is real and they've released a ridiculous trailer to prove it

Videogames are all about vicarious experiences. Where else but in games could you storm Omaha beach, fly through space or endlessly try to arrange powers of two? There's one experience though that, until now, has never been fully realised in...more

kslogo.png Wearables

Will the Oculus acquisition kill Kickstarter?

A few days ago I had started to write a piece speculating as to whether we'd reached Peak Kickstarter - the argument being that we'd probably reached a point where the fact that a new product is being funded by...more

advancewars.png Gaming

Nintendo to bring Game Boy Advance titles to Wii U next week

Given how the WiiU's big controller can be used without the TV being switched on, and fits in the palms of your hands, it is perhaps natural that Nintendo have thought to bring a bunch of handheld titles to the...more

oculus2.png Facebook

5 Questions now Facebook has bought Oculus Rift

Massive and shocking news this evening as it has emerged that the VR headset company Oculus Rift have been bought by... Facebook. Yeah - that Facebook. And they spent $2bn on the company too. What on earth are they thinking?...more

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