Now you can watch LIVE satellite pictures from the International Space Station

James O'Malley Space 1 Comment

Despite recent improvements, Google Maps is, like, sooo 2013. If you want to see something really cool… how about LIVE satellite images beamed from the International Space Station?

NASA have just launched the around-the-clock coverage using four cameras mounted on the outside of the space station and Ustream to stream live.

The video isn’t quite 24/7 – there are a few points in orbit when there is no connection to the station to downlink the video (the screen will be grey), and as the ISS completes one lap of the Earth every 90 minutes, it is often night time so the cameras are dark. If only we were considerate enough to create more light pollution. There’s also no sound on the video (what would you hear anyway?), so NASA recommend creating your own soundtrack (perhaps a little Bowie?).

Live streaming video by Ustream

You can also see the stream on the NASA website complete with a map showing exactly what you’re looking at.

By James O'Malley | May 7th, 2014

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