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GTA Online Content Creator video leaked - watch the video here!

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Coming soon to GTA Online is the ability to create your own games, such as deathmatches and races. And a video has just leaked out showing how this might work.

As is traditional amongst people who leak videos, they seem to have a complete inability to hold a camera still - but it's still possible to figure out what's going on. Check out the video.

This appears to show the creator - in which the user has selected an area of the map (in this case, a car park). By cycling through menus they're able to place weapons where they want them. Presumably it'll be very similar with races - using this overhead view to place waypoints.

It's also interesting to note the on-screen message, warning the player that not everywhere can be used as an environment - such as places underground or inside buildings... which isn't too surprising.

Personally, I'm hoping we'll see users create a bunch of fighter jet races - as whenever I play the "Top Fun" fighter jet mission online, all of the players immediately elect to replay after... as lets face it - who doesn't like fighter jets?

We've no word yet on when this new tool will be released - though the fact that we're seeing it like this suggests it'll have to be pretty soon, right?

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