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5 games that should have been included in Charlie Brooker's Videogames Changed The World

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Did you see Charlie Brooker's Videogames Changed The World on Channel 4 on Saturday night? (It's still on 4oD if you're quick). It was a fascinating and funny countdown of 25 of the most important games that have got us to where we are today. Given the strict limit of 25 though, some important games didn't make the cut - here's five games that we think should have been included.

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  • Kevin Williams

    The biggest omission from Mr. Brookers' excellent feature was more a political posturing - i.e. he could not include 'Dance Dance Revolution' for #13, as the assorted talking heads would never have admitted knowing this influential game let alone playing it, and it was easier to talk about Parappa the Rapper, a choice that seems to have been the biggest problem with the whole program (shame it was so rushed).

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