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Double experience points on CoD: Ghosts on PS4 and XBO this weekend

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Last week it was a special weekend for GTA5 owners - and from 6pm this evening, the Ghosts are in the spotlight.


To coincide with today's PS4 launch, Activision are promising double experience points (XP) all this weekend to PS4 and Xbox One players - until 6pm on Monday. Why might you want this? In multiplayer in order to unlock the better weapons, attachments and perks you need to level up your character - and double XP will mean that you can unlock even faster.

This follows a similar weekend a few weeks ago for players gaming on the 360, PS3 and PC. And players this weekend should have plenty of competitors: Ghosts is the (perhaps unsurprisingly) PS3 and PS4 versions - and, umm, enhancing the dog fur on PC.

Ah well, I guess Christmas shopping can wait another weekend, right?

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