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5 Ingenious Bluetooth Gadgets to Look Out For

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Bluetooth 4.0 has been around for a few years now. Chances are if you've bought a new phone in the past couple of years it has been supported (everything from the iPhone 4S has it, for instance). The difference with Bluetooth's earlier incarnations is that 4.0 is specifically geared to support low power consumption. This is exciting as it means that there's all sorts of new devices that could take advantage of this - here's some of the most intriguing!

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  • Matt Halewood

    Seems like a bit of a security issue? does the bluetooth lock when your phone connects via bluetooth? this would mean its never locked when your in the house?
    Also the mac app would mean instead of entering the "ultra-secure long password" a hacker just needs access to your phones mic? i would imagine this app only works when phone is unlocked?

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