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10 Smartwatches that can tell you more than just the time

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With any new technology it always takes a little while to figure out exactly how it should work. Remember the crappy touchscreen phones that required a stylus before the iPhone came along? Or how motion controls were only ever used for stupid party-game collection before the... hmm... no, sorry. Er, ignore that.

Anyway - the next big technological unknown looks set to be smartwatches. The tech is just about mature enough to mean that you won't be carrying around a refrigerator on your wrist, and we're currently watching as the big tech companies experiment to find the way to make a smartwatch a must-have device. Here's ten of the leading competitors at the moment.

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  • OrNameSon

    love it , thanks chat sexy

  • Justin

    I'm still looking forward to the Qualcomm Toq more than any of the ones mentioned on this list. Supposed to come out either this month or next.

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